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Book Blogger Two Truths & A Lie Tag

Happy Wednesday Storytellers! I come to you from a Nyquil haze as I am still battling a nice sinus infection/cold combo (it’s been a time I tell you). I had something else really fun scheduled for today, but I honestly don’t have the energy to get it to where I’m okay with posting it so instead–we are going to do a tag!

I have been tagged to do this by both the lovely Kal @ Reader Voracious and the amazing Charvi @ Not Just Fiction! So thank you ladies for thinking of me and tagging me! If you haven’t already checked them out before–stop what you are doing and go do so! They are gems!  Continue reading “Book Blogger Two Truths & A Lie Tag”

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The Entertaining Blogger Award

Hello and Happy Thursday Story Tellers. I’ve been travelling lately, so my writing posts have been all kinds of topsy-turvy–plus it does not help that I am a super mood blogger, and this week just wasn’t a mood. So, with that I thought I’d dig out the ol’ tags book and do some that have since been long overdue.

I know, look at me staying on brand.

Today I’m gonna take a stab at the Entertaining Blogger Award, which I was nominated for by both Julia @ Fable Hunter and Kaleena @ Reader Voracious. But since this is an award, I need to finally live out my dreams and do my Oscar speech….ahem.

Wow. I honestly can’t believe this is happening to me. For years people have been telling me I’m entertaining and in the non-sexual way that I’m a good time; but I never really believed them–so being nominated for this award truly is a shock and an honor.  I’d like to thank Julia and Kaleena for nominating me–for believing in my crazy when all I give them is sarcasm and moods.  Uh–wow what a time. Turn off the music, I’m not done. I’d also like to thank Sprite, for without you I’d currently be thirsty. I’d also like to thank my brain for which all amusing things come from. To my computer–thank you for only being a pain in the ass when I am about to post something; I SAID STOP THE MUSIC!!! And to my family–may you continue to think my blog is about the degradation of the human condition. You will forever make me chuckle at the truth. And finally, to the shirtless men in my Reader…thank you for keeping me on my toes while bloghopping at work, you continually force me to sharpen my hearing and focus on who is walking by and for that I am eternally grateful.

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The Genre Book Tag

Samantha is doing a tag?! WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO?!?!?!?!?!

Happy Thursday Story Tellers! And for all my American friends out here in the U.S. of A, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! I thought today, while I’m in the air flying to Mississippi for friendsgiving,  I’d do a bookish tag, since its been a hot minute and a biscuit since the last time I did one of these bad boys. 

I was tagged by the literal definition of epicness– Jamsu @ Jamsu Dreams! Thank you so much for tagging me Jamsu! Honestly guys, if you haven’t followed her yet you are completely missing out on a TIME!!!!  I swear you wont regret a moment! Continue reading “The Genre Book Tag”

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The Entertainer Book Tag

Entertainer.pngMy amazing and genius partner in Crime, Clo @ Book Dragons, tagged me to do this super fun tag. Which first off, Thank you Clo! And secondly, guys go check out her Blog, it’s what dragon dreams are made of!

So evidently the way that this tag works is that I answer the questions that Clo left for me and then I ask my own questions for those I tag at the end! Without further ado–let’s do this!


A book/series you picked up, which has taught you something invaluable

There are so many series that have taught me something along the way, so it is hard to only choose one without paying homage to the hundreds of other books that have left their mark on my life and who I am today. However, the first to come to mind is A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. I know that this series is super problematic, but I grew so much as a person from this series–especially from the second installment. I learned that people aren’t always as they appear (this can be good or bad) and that you can’t love someone or something until you can love yourself–which is something I struggled (and continue to struggle) grasping until I read Feyre’s journey. Continue reading “The Entertainer Book Tag”