it meHiya! Thanks for stumbling into my neck of the woods! I find about me’s to be terribly awkward for me to write so I’m gonna whip this out in third person. Ahem.

Sam to everyone in the world but her mother, lives in the outskirts of Houston, Texas where she grew up ten minutes away from the city and ten minutes from the country. Sam has had an obsession with everything storytelling since she was two years old and carried around her Teletubbies notebook and crayon where ever she went so she could write (or doodle) the stories her eyes captured. Her life has never quite been the same since.

Graduating from University with a degree in Drama/TV/Film performance, Samantha is an aspiring storyteller–whether that be on stage, on the screen or on page–she is a firm believer that there are still stories that have never been told and she has made it her life’s mission to tell those stories.

This blog is a collection of her thoughts from the stories she has consumed.

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