Review Policy

Thanks for taking the time to visit Fictionally Sam and your interest and consideration in having me work with you. I am reachable at

To ensure that your request fits Fictionally Sam and it’s audience, please carefully read the below guidelines before contacting for review request.

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📚In order to ensure and retain my audience’s trust, all reviews will be my honest and open opinion. That being said, review copies given do not guarantee a positive review.

📚All reviews are guaranteed to be shared on all social medias (can be found in the sidebar) as well as Amazon.

📚If the review you are requesting has a deadline to it please communicate this deadline to me as I am a mood reader and will read according to my mood.

📚Genre’s that I love:

  • Romance (Excluding Historical Romance, and Suspense)
  • Contemporary
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Mythology
Within these I read young adult, new adult, and adult as well. 

🚫Genre’s NOT Accepted:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Writing Samples
  • Memoirs
  • Self-Help

📚I reserve the right to deny any requests made due to personal interest and time. All requests that are denied will be left unanswered. DO NOT send requests through social media, as those will be automatically denied.

How To Request Review:

  1. Email Sam at with “REVIEW REQUEST” as the subject line.
  2. Within the email please state the following: Title of book requested, Number in series (if applicable), Author(s), Publisher and Publication date, Synopsis, Deadline (if any), Misc. book information (ie, Goodreads link, website, etc.),  and any other information you deem needed.
  3. What made you interested in requesting a review from Fictionally Sam.

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