BOOKENDING WINTER 2019: New Years Eve Book Tag

Happy New Years Eve Storytellers! This year has been a complete and total whirlwind and this month has been an exciting adventure because of Bookending Winter! If this is your first time here on my blog (hi! Hello! I’m Sam!) and you don’t already know what Bookending winter is, its a month long event in December that was created by myself and Clo @ Cuppa Clo where we aspire to bring the bookish community closer together through the platform we love the most–blogging! Each day throughout the month, we have different prompts from different hosts that participants can replicate! I am so excited to check out everyone’s posts and prompts as we get more into the month as our hosts this year are dishing out quality content! You can also catch me smiling from ear to ear as I get to meet all of you on your blogs and on our Twitter (@bookend_events if you haven’t followed, you totally should!) page!

Today’s prompt is from the amazing Leelynn @ Sometimes Leelynn Reads where she ends the year and her reign of hosting the kingdom with an epic New Years Eve book tag! If you haven’t seen her original prompts or her other content, I highly encourage you to do so as she is complete and total gem that I ADORE wholeheartedly!

Also don’t forget that we have a blog hopping masterlist! The list features all of our participants and those who are participating in Bookending Winter can put their post links next to their name for easy blog hopping! Can’t wait to see all your amazing posts! And with that, let’s get into today’s prompt!


New Years Eve Book Tag

An original book tag to ring in the new year with our love of books and the bookish community!



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  6. Spread the love and have a happy 2020!

Good As Hell: Favorite Book

Stalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #1)Sweet baby Jesus we are starting this tag off with the hardest question ever! But I think my favorite book that I’ve read was Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. Even though this didn’t come out in 2019, I completely fell head over heels in love with the characters, the story line, and the mystery of it all. Which is completely shocking because 1) I rarely if ever read mystery books and 2) I don’t read historical fiction…ever.

But because I really loved this novel that much I am seriously considering giving more historical fiction novels a chance in the coming new year! So, if you know of any that I need to read–let me know!

Green Light Go: Green Cover

King (King, #1)Holy bananas am I absolutely going to use King by T.M. Frazier. This book knocked me over and hit my standom button HARD. King is a dark romance that I instantly became obsessed with. Fast paced, insane circumstances, and the epitome of what a Alpha is as a hero.

This book is super triggering (rape, murder, drug use and abuse) so if you do decide to waddle to it, please practice self care!

LBD: Sexiest Character

The Rogue King (Inferno Rising, #1)Its taking everything in my power not to just say Thomas Cresswell and leave it at that (but honestly–Thomas Cresswell). So in the hopes of not saying the same book twice, I’m going to waddle with Brand from The Rogue King by Abigail Owens. This dude right here could dragon shift next to me any day and I would swoon in seconds.



Dally: Best Moment of 2019

The Jonas brothers concerts. I was blessed enough to get to see my favorite band play twice this year (once by myself and the other with friends); and honestly being able to see them and actually feel care free and have fun was my favorite thing. I didn’t have to worry about stress or what was happening in my life, but I got to enjoy the moment and dance along to my favorite songs by my favorite guys.

Sin Querer Queriendo: Silly MC

Hands down this one has to go to Kat and Nikki from Lingus by Mariana Zapata. I dare you not to laugh your butt off while reading there adventures of love when Kat’s best friend drags her to a porn convention. Here is a snippet of the awesome comedy you are missing out on:

"I'm going to break into your room when you're sleeping at night and take a shit on your face if you ever forget to hold the door open for another person again."

I know. You can thank me later, go read. ❤

7 Rings: New Book Friends

This year has been a whirlwind and I honestly could not have done it without the love and support of my bookish friends (you know who you are)! You guys have been the anchor in my crazy ocean and I am forever grateful for the friendship we have grown to have together! Some new friends that I made this year are Meeghan, Charvi, and Jeimy! Please note that this isn’t a full list and I love each and everyone of you that I became friends with this year to bits!

Kill This Love: First Book in 2020

Okay ya girl is a mood reader so who knows what I will read tomorrow, but here is my tentative TBR, so maybe one of these?

Confessions of a Naughty Na...Tweet CuteThe Cruel Prince (The Folk ...Protecting What's MineSorcerous Rivalry (The Mage...Rock Bottom Girl


From my blog to yours, Happy New Years Eve!



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  1. Kristina

    December 31, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    Aww it’s good to know you had so much fun at the Jonas Brothers concerts ❤️ You absolutely deserve that feels of hapiness and pure carefree — may it happens again, and more often in 2020!

    Oh. My. God. A porn convention you said?!! I need to read that book.

    Happy new year’s eve, love xx

  2. Nicola Niemc

    December 31, 2019 at 5:24 pm

    I loved King too, and I have The Rogue King on my TBR list; just hope they don’t melt my Kindle 😁 Hope you have a wonderful 2020!

  3. Destiny @ Howling Libraries

    December 31, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    I love this tag, I love Leelynn, and I love YOU! I’m so glad you got to go see the JoBros play, I know that meant so much to you. I hope 2020 is everything you could dream it will be and more! Happy New Year, beautiful! 💕

  4. proudbookreviews

    January 1, 2020 at 12:02 am

    I love how your personality comes through in your posts and your thoughts about books. Keep em coming!

  5. Kal @ Reader Voracious

    January 1, 2020 at 6:25 pm

    YES QUEEN, look at you branching out and loving historical romance! The romance gets so swoony the further you get into the Stalking Jack the Ripper books. You’ll dig them if you aren’t quite as invested in the mystery parts I bet.

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