February Book Haul || The Month I Began To Learn Self-Control

I am learning folks!

proof of me learning self-control

In the month of February it seems I learned what the word self-control was, because my lot size diminished from January’s by a whopping six books! Which is shocking cause Barnes and Noble had that huge 50% off sale, and ya girl was HERE for it. Nothing like a nice waddle through retail therapy to help soothe the struggle episodes of depression. 10/10 fam.

As always, before I get into the bounty of which my kindle and shelves cry out to in joy, let me preface this with I am a super frugal and hella cheap person. Most–if not all– of these purchases were deals from bookbub.com, amazon, audible, etc. which amounted to many of them being free, as well as through my carefully thought out monthly book budget as I have placed reading and supporting authors and the arts a priority when planning my personal finances. With that being said, take a look at my walk of shamelessness.


📚 Denotes already read.

The Disasters  The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2)  My Favorite Half-Night Stand



📚 Denotes already read.

📚 Denotes already read.


📚 Denotes already read/listened too.

Untitled design

Are any of these on your TBRs, or have you already read them? If so, what did you think? 


17 thoughts on “February Book Haul || The Month I Began To Learn Self-Control

  1. Lol, I love the sentence “I have placed reading… a priority when planning finances” 🤣 I want to be more shameless like you! I don’t really count free books on my list of monthly purchases, which makes me feel a little less shameful 😉

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  2. DANG you’ve got a lot of books! Haha.

    I’ve got The Wicked King on my TBR. I actually haave it sitting beside my bed as a reminder to read it, but that never works out for me LOL.

    I’m trying not to look too closely at the books you’ve gotten this past February. I have too many books already *tears up* to add more to my TBR. I’m actually getting quite stressed about it. Do you get stressed about your TBR at all?

    Great post! xD


    1. My TBR used to be (and at times still is) a constant trigger for my stress levels to rise, but I learned how to keep give myself grace and not think of the TBR has things I need to read right now this second, but of a list of stuff I’d really like to read when I get around to it/when I’m in the mood. It’s hard to keep this mindset but its one that have really helped alleviate some of the tension I have with my TBR!


  3. Ooooh excellent haul! Haha, I just started writing down a list of mine, anyway, I really love that cover for The Disasters and of course, I’m drooling over The Wicked King, great grabs, and go you, look at you buying six fewer books! I went crazy this month, and I’ve now put myself on probation lol. AND AHHHH THE FEVER KING!!!!!! You’re gonna love it!!! (I hope lol)

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    1. We won’t talk about the month of March 😂😂 I told my family that I’m only a buying ban for April because I completely lost control and my bank account hates me now lmao


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  4. I’m so happy that you could control yourself and buy less in Feb, but, hey, that’s a lot of books! Hope you enjoy reading them!
    Ah, I have heard so much about The Fever King and THe Descendant of The Crane! I Hope you love them :’)


  5. all dem books tho *stares wide eyed* I read This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet in 2017 and I loved them both so I really hope you end up liking This Savage Song. I’ve also heard so many great things about Descendant of the Crane so erm I will probably buy a copy when it’s released.

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