41 Struggles Of Being A Reader

The Struggle is so real I simply cannot even handle it anymore. Everyone knows that in the field of reading, there are a plethora of struggles we must combat…these are some of those struggles

*cue Law and Order sound effect*

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1. Choosing between a Nap or another chapter

Image result for i don't need sleep i need answers gif

2. Always misplacing the bookmarks

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3. Having to go to work after read a book that left you emotionally compromised

Image result for work emotionally crippled reading

4. To audiobook or not to audiobook

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5. Sticking with the book buying ban

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6. If the book is worth getting the ebook or the physical copy

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7. Fending off Spoilers

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8. Reading faster/slower than your friends

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9. Getting into a comfortable position only to have a plot twist drive you out of it

Image result for plot twist gif

10. Trying to get back into a comfortable position

Related image

11. Shopping on BookOutlet.com

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12. Getting out of Reading Slump

Image result for climbing out gif

13. Realizing you left home without a book

Image result for nooooo gif

14. When the bloody covers don’t match in a series

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15. Having the series in Paperback and the final installment is published only has a hardback

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16. Keeping the bank happy

Image result for being broke meme

17. Hoping the movie adaption does the book justice

Image result for fingers crossed gif

18. When the movie doesn’t do it justice

19. Buying the movie adaption anyway

Image result for welp gif

20. Cliff-fucking-hangers

Image result for bookish memes

21. Space for all the books

22. Deciding if an e-reader is worth it

23. Letting a friend borrow a book from you and getting it back damaged and doggy eared

Related image

24. Bookmarking the wrong page

Image result for no memory gif

25. Moving

Image result for packing gif

26. Your most anticipated book releases during Finals week

Image result for the lord is testing me gif

27. Your favorite character dies

Image result for bookish memes

29. Accidentally hitting your kindle and losing your page (BONUS: getting spoiled while trying to get back to your original page)

Image result for bugger gif

30. Having books be different sizes, WHEN IN THE SAME SERIES

Image result for size matters gif

31. Having Hardbacks discontinued when the paperbacks are released

Image result for why gif

32. Waiting forever for the sequel

Image result for 84 years gif

33. Having the sequel be pure fluff when it’s released

Related image

34. Waiting another century for the next installment

*cough* Looking at you, George R.R. Martin. *cough*


35. Translators no long translating book in a series after the first book

Image result for uhh gif

36. Ebooks being more expensive than the paperbacks

Image result for why you expensive gif

37. Having a book and/or author be super famous that they have a billion different editions

Image result for which one gif

38. When your library has every book in the series EXCEPT the one you need

Image result for really

39. International shipping

Image result for ross gif

40. Shipping in general

Image result for you can choke gif

41. Containing your shock when a plot twist happens while you are sneak reading at work

Image result for internally screaming


49 thoughts on “41 Struggles Of Being A Reader

  1. OMG I relate to 4, 6, (except with library books and books I want to buy instead of ebooks) 8, 10, 12, (especially right now) sometimes 13, 14 (ESPECIALLY with Liz Braswell’s Disney retelling series. UGH that still frustrates me! D: ) 16 is DEFINITELY what’s happening to me right now, I think EVERYONE can relate to 17, 18 and 19, luckily 23 has never really happened to me, 27 happened to me recently D,: D,: , 33 and 38 has DEFINITELY happened to me, :/ and 40 is so frustrating! Especially when I don’t have many good bookstores near me. D:
    Great post! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 16, 20, 21, 30, 32, 36, 39 are such moods. Hell, the whole list.

    I try to always have my kindle with me, but the few times I forget it, it’s always a time when I’d need it the most. Always.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 33 of those fit me. Holy hell that’s a lot, haha!

    The biggest one right now, though? MOVING. We moved a month ago but we still have a ton of painting to do so I can’t set up my library yet and it’s KILLING ME. [The actual packing of books killed me a million times already though so I must be immortal or something.]

    Liked by 1 person

      1. RIGHT? I actually packed them up in sessions. Like. One week all the books I had read already, then the books on my favorite shelves, then the books I simply knew wouldn’t get high on my TBR any time soon and then I started procrastinating because I wanted to read all the ones left and didn’t want to risk packing them.. :’)

        Liked by 1 person

          1. YUP. And then I couldn’t stand the sight of my empty shelves and I ended up hauling them to another room where I wouldn’t see them every day, all day as soon as I got home because it broke my heart seeing them all empty! [But we bookworms are entirely normal creatures.]

            Liked by 1 person

  4. this entire post is a mood sam….an ENTIRE MOOD and all you peasants who don’t read and judge us should learn from this post. *sniffs* you don’t know the trauma of mid series cover changes, or not finding the paperback copy with the nice cover (it happens and I’m forever salty because I’m a paperback gal)

    Liked by 1 person

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