19 in 2019: Fictionally Sam Resolutions

Happy New Years Eve Storytellers! This year has flown by so quickly! I honestly feel like I have only been blogging a month and still being a small bean in this big blogging world, instead of having been blogging for almost a year now (holy crap that realization did things to me).
Throughout my life, I have always done New Year resolutions, because I’m a firm believer in bettering myself…and I stan myself a good list. With that said, it was a total no brainer that I would have created a resolution list for my blog too! I want 2019 to be the year I thrive in every aspect that I possibly can, and because this little nook of the internet has become a big part of me–I want to thrive here as well. 
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1. Blog Hop more often/consistently

I am really bad at this. Like really bad. I want to be able to be more consistent and almost disciplined when it comes to blog hopping because there is so much great content out there and I would love to read them! I just have noticed I’m super lazy and keep procrastinating until I just don’t even bother going back to the posts I’ve missed and call it a day. A time this has become honestly.

2. Stay consistent in posting schedule

So I have created a schedule recently, because I needed some form of structure in my Type C personality. I really want to become more disciplined in keeping with this schedule and posting more regularly than I used too. This schedule currently sits with me having a guaranteed post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the Weekends.

3. Review each book I read

This is going to be a feat honestly. But I challenge I really want to do! I started this blog to talk about books and cinematography, so why do I find it so hard to write about the books I consume? This is gonna change folks!

4. Actually bookstagram 

What even is Bookstagram? I made an account and throughout all of 2018 I have barely posted anything on there. So, for 2019, I would like to post at least 5 times a month with at least 1 story a week on IG. If nothing else, at least that.

5. Do more Movie/TV reviews/squeal talks

I spoke about this a little bit on my previous post (300 Follower Q&A), but I majored in Drama/TV/Film performance and theatre, film and TV are huge parts of my life. When I began this blog I used to include my thoughts/reviews on the films and TV shows I was watching. However, I got super insecure about them and just stopped altogether.
I want to bring them back in 2019. So I am.

6. No longer drown in ARCs


7. Improve Bookend Events

I am passionate about this event I started with Clo, and I believe that there is always room to grow and improve! So for 2019 I want to continue to grow Bookend Events into the best that it can be!

8. Continue to find my niche in the blogging world

9. Improve my CSS skills

I use to be super good at CSS when I was in high school…that is no longer the case.

10. Be more confident in my content

I want to be able to post whatever I want to and not be insecure about my content. After all, this is my blog and I can do whatever I want with it. I want to be confident in the things I am passionate about, and I don’t want to feel ashamed for things I want to say.

11. Post what I wanna post

Gonna piggy bank on the previous resolution–
My go-to answer when people ask me for advice on book blogging is “post whatever you want. It’s your blog”. I honestly need to take my own advice.
Throughout this year I have realized just how much insecurities I have in terms of what I post and because of this– to a certain degree– I have curtailed my posts to step around those insecurities.
I no longer want to do that.

12. Branch out more/ Step out of my comfort zone

I am an introvert who is a creature of habit and hates stepping out of those habits and trying something new. Well, in 2019 I want to step out several times. I want to try new genres and books I wouldn’t have normally picked up before. I want to step out of my comfort zone and talk to more people and grow within this community.

13. Explore new blogs!

If you have any recommendations of blogs you absolutely adore (including your own!) let me know in the comments! I’m on the hunt for fresh finds!

14. Self-Care

In my personal resolutions, I am promising myself to make self-care and self-love an important part of my life. If nothing else, 2018 has shown me that I have been pouring from an empty cup for so long I started handing out pieces of myself that I no longer have me anymore–if that makes sense. So for this new year, I want to rebuild me and I want to fall in love with me again.
Due to this blog being an important part of me, this resolution gets tacked on here too. My MH and overall health comes first above all else. So If I need to take a day, I am resolving to not beat myself up over it–I am allowing myself to take what it needs.

15. Be more active on Twitter

What is social media? I don’t know because I suck at it.

16. Better my grammar skills

If you have been here a while you know how much I love commas. It’s bad honestly. So 2019 I want to brush up on my grammar and become a better writer.

17. Become a more conscious reader

This goes for becoming more aware of representation, problematic content, and overall being a better/mature reader.

18. Reach 500 Followers 

This is the one resolution that is completely out of my hands, but one I would love to reach!

19. Have fun

Always and forever this! I started this blog to have fun and talk about the stories I love–I must never forget that!
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What are your New Year Resolutions?



  1. nicolaniemc.co.uk

    December 31, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    My goals: To find an agent; make a start on the sequel to my book Addicted to Love; continue writing fairytales in my spare time (ha, spare time?!); finish creating the background world to my latest novel; go to bed by 11pm. Not too many goal then? 😉 Good luck with your resolutions and Happy New Year!

    1. sammers65

      December 31, 2018 at 10:17 pm

      This list resonates with me on so many levels!!! Good luck with your resolutions and happy new year!!! ❤️

  2. Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts)

    January 4, 2019 at 3:43 pm

    YES YOU ARE, SAMMY SAM. VERY BAD AT BLOG HOPPING. But I feel you because wow, I failed at blog hopping as well for a long while. I’m finally being consistent though… but with my very nice reading luck we’ve had to change it. (Plus don’t forget Clo’s invasion.)
    I don’t know what social media is either. What’s socializing?

  3. Poulami @ Daydreaming Books

    January 6, 2019 at 10:05 am

    I have been a complete disaster at blog hopping these fast few months due to which it is one of my aims this year as well. I hope you can complete each an every one of them! Wish you the best 2019! <2

    1. sammers65

      January 8, 2019 at 9:20 am

      Here’s to conquering blog hopping! Good luck with your goals Poulami! <3

  4. Kaleena @ Reader Voracious

    January 11, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    I love the thought that you put into each of your goals, and I know that you are just going to kick BUTT this year, missy! I am happy to see self-care on the list, and that you are also allowing yourself to be flexible if you need to take a day. I love your content and I want to see you grow and write all the things that you are passionate about – honestly those are my favorite kinds of posts to read! ily

    1. sammers65

      January 11, 2019 at 10:39 pm

      *bows* I plan on kicking butt this year! 2019 is going to slay more than buffy did all through high school. A time will be had! <3

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