BOOKENDING WINTER: The Grinch Who Stole…Books?

img_0975Happy Saturday Storytellers! I have been having an EPIC time reading all your Bookending Winter posts and I think I have a huge grin permanently plastered to my face from it all! Today marks another exciting day in the Bookending Winter sphere, as today is my first official day of hosting! Big shout out to Erin @ Bluestocking Bookworm for doing an AMAZING job as host these past few days! If you guys haven’t followed her yet, you seriously need to get on that! She is literally divine!




The Grinch Who Stole…Books?
Books you wish you could steal, this could be rare editions of your favorite books, a collectors edition, or the overall idea of the book from the author!


The very first printed manuscript of Harry Potter. This is solely because I firmly believe I could make some BIG bank with this bad boy; and honestly I feel like it would be cool to see if Rowling’s first draft is as ugly as mine.

Lord of The Rings Idea. I stand by the belief that Tolkien is probably the best world builder out there, and I would absolutely love to be able to say that I created the LOTR world that everyone and their mother’s knows of and to some have loved whole heartedly. 10/10 would recommend.

Every copy of the Twilight Saga. This is honestly because I’m trash and want them all. Yup. This has become a thing.

The scripts of Buff The Vampire Slayer. I know this isn’t a book (but I’m the host and can do what I want lol) but for this I just want it so I can give it to my friends Jamsu and Kal so I can forever be known as their favorites.

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How about you? What would you steal?


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