img_0975Another day, another Bookending Winter Post! Today’s prompt is a super chill one that I’m pretty sure anyone who celebrates or has celebrated Christmas can relate too! The dreaded holiday photo. Hopefully with this one though, it wont be as dreaded as the matching sweater debacle of 2001.

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The Holiday Photo
Characters you’d love to have with you in your Christmas card/photo


The Entire Inner Circle

Can you imagine getting Rhysand, Cassian, and Azriel all in matching Christmas sweaters? I probably would spend the entire time trying not to laugh as all three argued about who had the bigger wing span. Obviously, Armen would be counting down the minutes and complaining until the process was over and Morrigan would probably be goading the boys in their antics. I approve strongly of this whole scenario.

The Doctor from Doctor Who

Y’ALL WHEN I TELL YOU THIS WOULD BE A TIME. I HONESTLY MEAN THIS WOULD BE A TIME. Just give me thirty minutes with the Doctor and I would be officially proclaimed the new companion that could possibly trump all other companions. DO NOT FIGHT THIS GREATNESS.

The Cullens

Honestly, would this be a post from me if I didn’t mention somewhere Twilight? Nope. But, for real, a Christmas photo-op with the Cullens would be amazing. Emmett would be showing off, Rosalie would be striking a pose, Jasper would be looking constipated, Alice would be grinning ear to ear, and Carlisle and Esmee would be just looking at us all with utter amusement and love. Edward of course would be all over me the entire time and I wouldn’t mind it one bit. A mood I tell you…a mood.

The Cast of Illuminae

AIDEN would probably try to kill us all off, but it would be a time to say the least.


Who would you take your holiday photo with?


5 thoughts on “BOOKENDING WINTER: The Holiday Photo

  1. I’d love to be a companion but I’ll probably be awful so I’ll settle for being a sort of a K-9 or something! Or a human version of K-9. Well, with the Cullens, you’ll have to invite a few guests (I suppose), as they would make the food, but wouldn’t eat it. Which leaves you to eat all the food (poor you).


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