Bookend Events, Spring 2019

Bookending Spring 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT


Hello friends and new friends! I am so happy to be announcing our newest event within Bookend Events today! If you don’t know already, my partner in all things, Clo (Book Dragons) and I created Bookend Events where every quarter of the year we bring the bookish community a new event to bring us closer together and meet new blogs and friends!

This April, Clo and I are so happy to be announcing Bookending Spring 2019! Just like before we will be having Hosts and prompts, however this time around we aim to bring things to another level–more fun, more epic prompts, and more community building!

So without further ado, grab a chair, put on your inner Kim Possible persona, and let’s get the sitch! Continue reading “Bookending Spring 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT”


Sunday Tea: Cancel Culture in YA

Sunday Tea is a new bi-weekly series I have started up, where I ramble/discuss some tea filled topics. Please note, the tea I serve is to just open up a window of conversation and not to point blame or whatever, my blog is and will forever be a NO JUDGEMENT zone. You can take that negativity somewhere else. I reserve the right to delete any comments that goes against the above. Again–Sunday tea is to be sipped and talked about, not chugged and thrown.

Big shout out to Clo and Kal in helping be a second and third pair of eyes on this! I am eternally grateful! You guys are truly the real MVPs!


Throughout the years, the internet has blessed the world with the ability to practice the right to express ourselves more so than ever before. No longer, do you have to be a Journalist to ensure that your voice is heard. In today’s era, we have the privilege of having multiple different mediums and platforms where the everyday person can broadcast their every thought, concern, and passions. However, this coupled with our society’s new-found (or re-found depending on your outlook) social awareness, has caused a consequence that some could say has been long overdue–being held accountable.

Cancel Culture is a social institution where, essentially, people who have said or done problematic things in the past or present are ultimately “cancelled”–no longer being supported. Everyday there are new examples of cancel culture at work, some justified and others not so much.

Now before I continue, I would like to preface that I am NOT talking about cancel culture in regards to sexual assault, but rather the limitations that cancel culture brings to the YA community.

Just like in every other area of society, the book community is no exception to warding off cancel culture–especially in the YA sphere. Recently readers have lifted the banners for more representation and diversity Continue reading “Sunday Tea: Cancel Culture in YA”


The Bookish Glossary


It was bound to happen.

Throughout my years in the book community I have ran across a lot of bookish terms and acronyms used to describe a book in a review or even in promoting a book. So much so that half of the time I find myself googling terms that I can’t remember! Since I recently dived into (and am loving) the romance community (which is huge by the way), I have found out they have their own set of terms and acronyms that they commonly used that I had no idea existed. Due to this, I thought I would just create an extensive list–or glossary, if you will– of all bookish terms that can be found in the book community for future use.



  • TBR – To Be Read
  • ARC – Advanced Reader’s Copy
  • DNF – Did Not Finish
  • TBB – To Be Bought
  • RTC – Review to come
  • MC – Main Character
  • OTP – One True Pairing; the ultimate ship (see ship)
  • NOTP – Not One True Pairing; basically the exact opposite of OTP. You definitely DO NOT want to see these two together. Like at all.
  • GR – Goodreads
  • Book Swag – Bookish items such as bookmarks, book plates, tote bags, jewelry, etc.
  • Book Slump / Reading Slump – a period of time when you just don’t feel like reading. Typically cured by re-reading a favorite book.
  • Book Hangover – (not to be confused with a alcoholic hangover) A period of time after you finish an amazing book where you cannot for the life of you stop thinking and obsessing over said book. Length of hangover varies on person and book.
  • Fan Fiction – Stories written by fans that use the worlds and characters of written published works. (i.e., my Jonas Brothers fan fiction, my ACOTAR fan fiction, my Twilight fan fiction…no I will not give you any links to these)
  • HC – Hardcover
  • PB – Paperback
  • MS – Manuscript
  • POV – Point of View
  • WIP – Work In Progress
  • Ship – derived from the word relationSHIP; ship typically refers to a couple that you love seeing together/ want them to be together. (i.e., Nesta and Cassian from ACOTAR is a ship I will burn down with until the end of times) 
  • POC – Person of Color
  • ToC – Table of Contents
  • TW – Trigger Warning
  • ISO – In search of
  • The Feels – Completely overwhelmed by emotions, can be caused by a scene, what a character said, a plot twist, or finishing said book
  • Binge-Read – Reading all (or many) books in a series or by author in a row. (i.e., “I Binge-read all of Sarah J. Maas’s books in one week. I am both traumatized and sleepy.)
  • Meme – Typically a blogger link-up/group that create posts that center around a theme that changes typically weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Here are a few that I can think of:
    • Top 5 Wednesday – Weekly, top five books that surround the topic of the week (i.e., redemption arcs–books that have your favorite redemption arcs in them)
    • TTT/ Top Ten Tuesday – Weekly, top ten books surrounding the topic of the week (i.e., favorite re-reads)
    • Sunday Post – Weekly wrap-up
    • Feature / Follow Friday – a meme that encourages following others
  • Tag – a post (or video if you are on booktube) that is a list of categories or questions that surround a theme that you then “tag” others to do as well.
  • Buddy Read – When a group of two or more read the same book at the same time so they can discuss it as they go along.
  • Readathon – a reading marathon, when a group of people come together and read as much as they can during a certain period of time
  • Booktube – A community on YouTube that talk about books (literally it’s book blogging in video form)
  • Bookstagram – A community on instagram that post pictures of books and talk about books (literally its book blogging in picture form)
  • Book Twitter – A community on Twitter that talk about books and things revolving around books
  • Booklr – A community on Tumblr that talk about books and things revolving around books
  • #ownvoices – A twitter hashtag created to promote diverse reads about marginalized groups of people from authors who are in those same groups. (i.e., The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon, If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo, The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie)
  • Auto-buy Author – An author you instantly buy their books when they are released no matter what they are about.
  • Beta Reader – a second pair of eyes that look for inconsistencies in your manuscript and gives you feedback about your manuscript so far.
  • KU – Kindle Unlimited, a subscription service offered by Amazon where you can read unlimited amounts of ebooks for free.
  • Wallbanger – When you get so frustrated or angry with a book that you want to throw your book or e-reader against a wall.
  • Sequel Bait – When its super obvious that the book is indeed not a standalone but  there is going to be a second book.
  • Standalone – A book that does not have a continuation in a second book.
  • Canon – A fact / idea that is accurate per the author of the original works
  • eARC –  Electronic Advanced Reader Copy
  • FC – Finished Copy
  • ISO – In search of (commonly used when looking for Arcs or editions to trade)

Bookish Conventions/Ceremonies/Awards

  • BEA – Book Expo America, an annual convention revolving around–yeah you guessed it–books. Only open to industry professionals. Typically held in NYC (though they did have that one year where they held it in Chicago)
  • ALA – American Library Association, an bi-annual convention hosted by the American Library Association.
  • Bookcon – A Book convention that begins immediately after BEA and is open to the public. Typically held wherever BEA is.
  • Apollycon – A Book convention that is sponsored by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • YALLFEST – A young adult conference that is held annually in Charleston, NC
  • YALC: the UK’s Young Adult Literature Convention
  • NBA – National Book Award
  • RITA – Romance Writers of America award
  • Pulitzer Prize – an award given for achievements in journalism, literature, newspaper, magazine, and musical composition.


  • SF – Science Fiction
  • SFF – Science Fiction/ Fantasy
  • UF – Urban Fantasy
  • PNR – Paranormal Romance
  • GLBT – Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender
  • LGBTQ+ – Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, and queer, the + symbolizing others not previously mentioned
  • MG – Middle Grade
  • YA – Young Adult
  • NA – New Adult
  • Cont. – Contemporary
  • RS – Romantic Suspence
  • AR – Adult Romance
  • RomCom – Romantic Comedy
  • Rom / RO – Romance
  • Juve – Juvenile Fiction
  • HOR – Horror
  • HF – Historical Fiction
  • TH – Thriller
  • Cozy Mysteries / Cozies – sub genre of Crime Fiction (you can read more about this genre on Jaymi’s post here at Orange County Readers)


  • HEA – Happily Ever After
  • HFN – Happy For Now
  • MM – Male/Male Relationship
  • FF – Female/Female Relationship
  • MC – Motorcycle Club
  • H/h – Hero/heroine (often capitalization denotes gender)
  • BBW – Big Beautiful Woman, typically surrounds a main character that is plus-size
  • MFM – Menage (threesome), typically involving heterosexual men
  • MMF – Menage (threesome), typically involving bisexual men
  • BWWM – A romance revolving around a black woman and a white man
  • WWBM – A romance revolving around a white woman and a black man
  • UST – Unresolved sexual tension
  • T – Taboo content
  • PWP – Plot-what-plot, typically used in reference to smut fiction and/or erotica
  • PI – Psuedo-incest (i.e., step brother/sister/father/mother relationships)
  • OW – Other Woman
  • MoC – Marriage of Convenience
  • TSTL – Too Stupid To Live
  • OTT – Over the Top
  • BDSM – Bondage/discipline; dominance/submission; sadism/masochism
  • Insta-Love – when two characters are instantly in love with each other after just meeting moments/pages before. Automatic attraction.
  • Mary-Sue / Gary-Sue – Characters that are literally perfect in every way.
  • Alpha Male – A strong, confident, takes charge in every sense of the word type of guy. His only weakness is typically his romantic interest.
  • Trope – a plot that brings two characters together (i.e., enemies-to-lovers)
  • The Big Mis – The big misunderstanding


Do you know any other terms/acronyms? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list!