Bookending Spring 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT


Hello friends and new friends! I am so happy to be announcing our newest event within Bookend Events today! If you don’t know already, my partner in all things, Clo (Book Dragons) and I created Bookend Events where every quarter of the year we bring the bookish community a new event to bring us closer together and meet new blogs and friends!

This April, Clo and I are so happy to be announcing Bookending Spring 2019! Just like before we will be having Hosts and prompts, however this time around we aim to bring things to another level–more fun, more epic prompts, and more community building!

So without further ado, grab a chair, put on your inner Kim Possible persona, and let’s get the sitch!

Untitled design


Bookending Spring is one of the quarterly events, running under the umbrella term “Bookend Events”, aspiring to bring the book blogging community closer together! Bookending Spring has a vague theme of Organization and Cleaning, but you DO NOT need to stick to this theme at all!


  • Posting a minimum of 3 blog posts (you can use the prompts or not, up to you)
  • Taking part in the Tidyathon

Now, you don’t have to do ALL of them. You can do one or both. It’s totally up to you.


  • Book reviews don’t count as part of the event – but you’re more than welcome to still post them throughout the month. Just remember they won’t count as part of your 3 posts
  • Not restricted to a theme/topic – you can post about whatever you want, however,  we do encourage discussion posts and/or creative post types to branch out and have fun!
  • General Topic Ideas: Discussion Posts, Tags/Awards, Memes, Writing Themed Posts, Blogging Themed Posts etc.
  • You MUST include the Bookend Events logo somewhere on/within your post, this is so we know which posts are part of the event/got inspired through the event. It also helps us with blog hopping.


Join in on this fun by filling out the form! When you sign up, this allows us to see who’s taking part/planning to take part. It’s totally OK, if you end up not being able to take part etc. It’s to give us an idea and make sure we know who we’re blog hopping to.



As always with our events, we still have wonderful Hosts, who create prompts to help you out if you’re stuck. You don’t need to do these prompts at all, but if you want to–you totally can!!

Jayati @ It’s Just A Coffee Addicted Bibliophile  (April 1st-3rd)

Monday 1st April

2019 Spring releases
Share some Spring 2019 releases you’re excited about.  

Tuesday 2nd April

Pre-scheduling and organizing your blog ft. mood blogging  
How to keep track of your blog and be on schedule and not miss posting + tips for mood bloggers. How do you keep track/schedule and organise your blog?

Wednesday 3rd April

A Guide to buying optimal number of books
Share some tips on how you can resist the urge to buy new shiny books by using your TBR as a motivation and  how you choose what new books to buy, when to buy them, etc.

Prompts by: AJ @ For The Love of Diversity in Books
Hosted by: Sam @ Fictionally Sam (April 4th-7th)

Thursday 4th April

30 Books I’d Keep If I Were Marie Kondo
Hailey in Bookland did this in her channel and I think it’d be fun to do it as well, because we love de-cluttering books not worthy of space in our shelves. 😁 So list out thirty books that you would keep if you were Marie Kondo!

Friday 5th April

Spring Reading List
My TBR for Spring, share your TBR for Spring!

Saturday 6th April

 I Give a Sheet
I’ll be featuring some (maybe 5) helpful spreadsheets for bloggers

Sunday 7th April

How To Quickly & Easily Make Graphics for Blog & Social Media
Featuring the only app I use for all the graphics I use on all my social media, blog and booktube. How do you make graphics for your blog/social media?

Theresa @ The Calico Books (April 8th-10th)

Monday 8th April

Easter Time Book Tag
An original book tag to get you in the springtime/Easter mood!

Tuesday 9th April

Books that Remind me of Spring
Self-explanatory: Share which books remind you of springtime! It can be because of the cover, maybe they actually takes place during the spring months, whatever. The options are limitless!

Wednesday 10th April

 Spring Bookshelf Decor
Show off your bookshelves and bookcases and how you organize and decorate them for spring!

Charvi @ Not Just Fiction (April 11th-14th)

Thursday 11th April

Trying to Control the Social Media Chaos
Share some tips on how bloggers should go about using their social media accounts in an organized manner or tell us how you manage your accounts without dying of exhaustion! Or should one just leave the organization aside and let chaos reign?

Friday 12th April

Type A Personality Characters
You know Type A people: they are neat and organised and slightly obsessed with order. So list a few Type A characters that you love. You can also put your own spin on this, go ahead and have fun with this one!

Saturday 13th April

Unorganisation: The Bane of Existence. Or not…
Successful people usually tend to be well-planned organised and that’s why it is assumed that people who are messy and unorganized are moving towards failure. But are these really traits that should be looked down upon? What are your views on this topic?

Sunday 14th April

Pairing reading with studying
How many times do readers wish they could just keep read books for their entire life but feel like dying when they have to read their course material? I certainly fall in that category. So let’s pair reading with studying! Recommend books from any genre that are fun to read and go with certain subjects that are taught in school and college.

Clo @ Book Dragons (April 15th-17th)

Monday 15th April

Blog’s Life
Let’s chat about our blogs. Where did you start with your blogging journey, where’s you’re blog at now and where would you love to see your blog in a year or two? (featuring me being a tease with some of my blog plans for the future)

Tuesday 16th April

 Wishing I Could Read You For The First Time
 I love a good reread of my fav books/series but sometimes I wish I could read them again and experience it all for the first time. Share the books and book series you wish you could read again, for the first time.

Wednesday 17th April

You’d Be Better As A Book
Films/TV Shows which aren’t based off of books nor have any books based off of them that in your opinion would be better as books. Maybe the film lacked something, but you feel like it could flourish as a book series? Or you think a certain aspect of the Show/Film would work better in book form.

Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things (April 18th-21st)

Thursday 18th April

5 benefits of buying physical books
What are the benefits of buying books in comparison to getting arcs, library books, getting books or buying ebooks?

Friday 19th April

You bought too many books, now what?
What can you do with your surplus of books when they don’t fit in your bookcase.

Saturday 20th April

 Rainbow vs. Sorted by…
pros and cons of sorting your books by colour or series/authors/publishers

Sunday 21st April

Your house is burning down, quick! Save 5 books! But which?
Basically a list of 5 books that mean a lot to me and which I would definitely save. (also yay for me torturing myself by picking just 5 books)

Haley @ The Caffeinated Reader (April 22nd-24th)

Monday 22nd April

 Learning to Let Go
Getting rid of books that you know you’ll never read/read again and discussing just how you can do that in a way that will make it easier, it’s different for everyone!

Tuesday 23rd April

Bookish Resources
Besides going into the library and grabbing a book off the shelf, what else can you do? Let’s look at the different program and bookish resources there are!

Wednesday 24th April

Lending Books Versus Book Swaps
Lending books is either a great experience or terrifying, there is no in between, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of it and book swaps. Is one better than the other?

Amanda @ Between The Shelves (April 25th-28th)

Thursday 25th April

5 Audiobooks to Listen to While Spring Cleaning
 If you’re an avid audiobook listener, list 5 of your favorite titles to listen to while you’re completing other tasks, like spring cleaning!

Friday 26th April

 Upcycling Old Books
After spring cleaning and going through all of your books, what else can you do besides donating them? This could include crafts or other interesting and creative ways to use books in your home decor.

Saturday 27th April

Spring Cleaning Book Tag
An original book tag to get to know the blogger behind the blog and get in the mood for spring cleaning.

Sunday 28th April

10 Book Club Titles for Spring
 Spring-themed book recommendations for your spring and summer book club meetings. “Spring” can be interpreted loosely–whatever spring means to you!

Sam @ Fictionally Sam (April 29th-30th)

Monday 29th April

The Productivity Tag
 An original book tag based on productivity!

Tuesday 30th April

 Books (Not) to Read During Finals Week
Soul sucking and captivating books that will keep you hooked on the story and not on your studies

Untitled design


  • MUST link back to the original prompt
  • Prompts can be posted AFTER the Hosts prompt date, but NOT BEFORE e.g you want to do Charvi’s prompt which goes up on the 13th. You can post it on the 13th and after that date but not before the 13th


Sharing On Twitter

  • tag our twitter account @bookend_events in any posts you do towards the event so we can see them. Blog hop to them and share them.
  • Also mention our personal twitters to doubly make sure we don’t miss you.
  • Feel free to @ us if you’re doing tidyathon and using twitter to give updates
  • Tag the tweets with the #BEspring2019!

Twitter Chats and more!

This year, we are so excited to be pushing our borders some more at Bookend Events and one of those ways is bringing more use to our Twitter page! For Bookending Spring, we will be hosting Twitter chats throughout the month of April as well as highlighting your posts and interacting with you all more through Twitter! So be sure to be using the hashtag and @ing us!

Untitled design

IMPORTANT: (this section will be updated with new and relevant information/links, so make sure you bookmark this post to find all relevant links in one place)

Events Running Time: April 1st, 2019 – April 31st, 2019
Participants Sign Up Form
Tidyathon Info 
GET THE OFFICIAL LOGO! (You will need this logo for posting during the event! it’s says Bookending Spring!)

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