Gaining Perspective.

Well hello Storytellers! It’s been a hot minute since I last waddled on here with a post and a lot of things have changed (as you can probably see!) since our last waddling!

Fictionally Sam has been my ongoing baby and pride and joy since it’s birth at the beginning of last year. It has seen me at my lowest of lows and the highest of highs, and has stuck with me and given me some of the most amazing friends a girl could ask for! Continue reading “Gaining Perspective.”

Bookend Events, Spring 2019


bookending springI am in deep with this slump life storytellers.

Today I was scheduled to post a review, however because I’m still deep within this slump I haven’t read the book yet. Truly a time. So I took my continued spiral into the hands of the reading slump gods to mean that I totally should do another Bookending Spring post! Today begins the reign of my partner in crime, Clo @ Book Dragons, as host! If you haven’t already, be sure to click on her name and check out her original post for this prompt as well as her other amazing content!

Without further ado! Let’s waddle into today’s prompt!

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Blog’s Life
Let’s chat about our blogs. Where did you start with your blogging journey, where’s you’re blog at now and where would you love to see your blog in a year or two? (featuring me being a tease with some of my blog plans for the future)

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August Wrap Up + BLOGOWEEN


How is this year almost over?!

August is officially done and over with and so much has happened these past thirty days that I can’t even wrap my head around it. I didn’t read as much as I usually do, but wow-oh-wow was August jam-packed with adulting changes. I started a new job, got a car (still need a license…slowly but surely we are getting there people), my dog (Mr. Chips) finally has overcome his fear of driving in the car at night and now loves it, and I made some

Mr. Chips when I told him we were going to the bookstore.

amazing new friends here in this blogging world!

But can I just say HOW FREAKING PUMPED I AM FOR FALL AND WINTER!? Y’all my favorite time of year is only thirty days away! My happy-go-lucky ass is breaking out all the cardigans, combat boots, candles, and fuzzy blankets I own–AND I AM HERE FOR IT. Not to mention this year is going to be even greater since I’ll be hosting/participating in BLOGOWEEN AND BLOGMAS with a bunch of my friends here in the bookblogging world! But I’ll talk more about that later on in the post. Continue reading “August Wrap Up + BLOGOWEEN”