Bookend Events, Spring 2019

Bookending Spring 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT


Hello friends and new friends! I am so happy to be announcing our newest event within Bookend Events today! If you don’t know already, my partner in all things, Clo (Book Dragons) and I created Bookend Events where every quarter of the year we bring the bookish community a new event to bring us closer together and meet new blogs and friends!

This April, Clo and I are so happy to be announcing Bookending Spring 2019! Just like before we will be having Hosts and prompts, however this time around we aim to bring things to another level–more fun, more epic prompts, and more community building!

So without further ado, grab a chair, put on your inner Kim Possible persona, and let’s get the sitch! Continue reading “Bookending Spring 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT”

Bookend Events, Winter 2018

BOOKENDING WINTER 2018 Announcement


So if you have been roaming around the Twitterverse or if you are on the New Bloggers Discord server, you would have seen some pretty exciting news that is taking place in the month of December. As you all know, Me and my partner in crime Clo @ Book Dragons have created Bookend Events which is essentially our way to bring the book blogging community closer together, through the one thing we love best–blogging!

This winter me and Clo are happy to announce Bookending Winter 2018! It’s our own version of Blogmas and I am completely head over heels in love and excited for it! This event will have all new hosts (and some returning from Blogoween!) with completely new prompts!

So without further ado….ALL THE INFORMATION!!! Continue reading “BOOKENDING WINTER 2018 Announcement”