Becoming Hamilton || NANOWRIMO Week #2

Becoming Hamilton is an installment/series on Fictionally Sam, where I take the plunge in documenting my journey of writing a novel. New posts every Saturday of November, follow me as I attempt to write like I’m running out of time.

This week can be summed up in two words: Exhausted revelations.

From realizing how my body operates, and meeting those self care needs, to pushing through and writing words during the little nooks and crannies of seconds in between appointments and events. It’s been a time.

With that being said, I did write a lot and am proud of the amount I got done! As with all of my writing check ins, I always end each week with a question for you storytellers/writers and on the next check in, I answer the question myself for you guys! Last week, I asked “what was your favorite line you’ve written so far?”

For me that would most definitely be:

“It wasn’t my heart that was being attacked–nope that died three weeks ago after the hospital. No this time it was my vagina.”


Saturday, November 9, 2019:

Words written: 50 | Total Word Count: 5,653

Image result for i got nothing gif

Sunday, November 10, 2019:

Words written: 262 | Total Word Count: 5,915

Today was suppose to be my redemption moment. Turned into a nap moment followed by adulting, which then waddled to rehearsals and another nap moment. I’m shocked I even wrote this much to begin with.

Monday, November 11, 2019:

Words written: 608 | Total Word Count: 6,523

I actually wrote words today? Who even am I?!

I’m beginning to notice just how much of a recoup/ recharge moment me and my body needs after being constantly around other humans. Which is a lot. This new revelation sucks, because on the days I actually do have free, I’m to exhausted to do anything except keep my eyelids open, much less get those creative juices flowing.

A new writing schedule and reevaluation is going to be needed.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019:

Words written: 80 | Total Word Count: 6,603

LOL today was a joke for writing (though I did plot/outline by hand which I think is my preferred method??) because none got done basically.

Let me break down my schedule for you, so you can see just how bonkers my life is right now.

6:30-7AM: Get Up and dressed for work

7AM-8AM: Sit in traffic trying to get to work (Audiobook time)

8AM-5PM: Work.

5PM-6:30PM: Drive to Theatre rehearsal on the opposite side of town (yes, it does take me the entire hour and half to get there.  (more audiobook/music time)

6:30-9PM: Rehearsal

9PM-9:45PM: Drive home (no traffic so much faster)

9:45-10:15PM: Unwinding, having dinner, talking to my family, playing with pupper

10:15-10:30PM: Getting ready for bed

10:30-11:30PM: Write

11:30PM: SLEEP.

This repeats on Thursdays too. Wednesdays you can substitute rehearsal for the gym and family time, which gives me about a solid two hours of writing time instead of just the one. Fridays, I don’t write at all unless it’s on my lunch break, because as soon as I get off work, it is straight to bible study and fellowship to which I typically don’t get home until 11pm/midnight. #exhausted.

It is okay. We can cry together.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019:

Words written: 931 | Total Word Count: 7,534

I wrote words today?! A lot of words?! WHO EVEN AM I?!

I’m actually so stoked that I had the energy to get some done. Wasn’t feeling so hot at the gym, so the family was a blessing and let me relax on the couch instead. Mom brought me my laptop and so during commercials during our annual family TV time I wrote a few words, and then headed to bed where I buckled down and decided I was going to get to 7.5K before midnight (you can see all of this and more on my instastory as well as my highlights!).

Challenge was accepted.

Challenge was accomplished.

Image result for mic drop gif

Thursday, November 14, 2019:

Words written: 514 | Total Word Count: 8,048

I didn’t get home until 10:33PM and am so tired, I’m shocked I even wrote that much. It’s probably a bunch of garbage but ima take it.

Friday, November 15, 2019:

Words written: 2 Total Word Count: 8,050

I have family coming over tonight and then we are heading out tomorrow to visit the other family for an early Thanksgiving celebration, Jamaican style. So whatever I get done during my lunch break today is really all I will be able to get done today. I’m currently 16K behind the NANOWRIMO schedule and I really, really, really would like to get back on track this weekend; but I’m unsure of how feasible that will be since I’m going to be with family. Maybe I’ll do an all nighter Saturday?

Eh, that’s a future Sam problem so we shall see! But as of now it is 9:36AM and I’m setting today’s goal to 1K with an overachievers goal of 2K. It’s kind of slow in the office, so if I’m able to get all my projects squared away before lunch maybe I can sneak some writing in at my desk throughout the work day. Fingers Crossed!

UPDATE: I didn’t write a damn thing. A time.

And we are current! Check out today’s thoughts and progress on next Saturday’s check in!

Are you participating in NANOWRIMO this month? If so, what is your least favorite line written so far?



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