September Book Haul || The Month Where I Didn’t Spend A Dime

This September book haul makes me exceedingly happy. 

If only because it made my wallet happy. If you are a storyteller/regular here on Fictionally Sam, you would know that for the past four-ish months I have been on a Captureserious book buying ban. To which, with the exception of one slip up in July, I’ve been pretty solid at keeping it! My friends over on Bookish Collision Discord Server (click the link to join the fun!) has really been a huge help and accountability partners during this voluntary dry spell, with a huge shout out to Ruby @ Ruby’s Books for keeping me on track, cheering me on, enabling my freebie ways, and being an overall gem.

Last month was the first month since the beginning of my ban that I did not have any pre-orders. Because of this, my haul finally reflects the state of my freebie obsession (which depending on your perspective can be seen as a good or bad thing). If kindles had a TLC show and could talk, mine would most definitely be on an episode of hoarders…

With that said, take a look at my walk of shamelessness!

Physical Books

📚 Denotes already read. * Denotes signed/autographed copy

Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights by Howard Pyle (B&N Collectible Editions)

Star Trek: The Classic Episodes by James Blish (B&N Collectible Editions)

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll (B&N Collectible Editions)


📚 Denotes already read.
Doctor Next Door Nicole Casey 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Her Beast Nicole Casey 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Can’t Get Over You Nicole Casey 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Opposite Of You Rachel Higginson 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Bet On Us Rachel Higginson 2013 $0.00 ebook amazon
Constant Rachel Higginson 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
About Last Night SE Law 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Fling to Forever Amali Rose 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Jinx Flora Burgos 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Burning with Desire Bella Winters 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Protecting Rose Cheryl Yeko 2013 $0.00 ebook amazon

Holding Her Hero Amy Lamont 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Nicole Cerise Dalton 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Nicole’s Choice Cerise Dalton 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
My Best Friend’s Madi Gras Wedding Erin Nicholas 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Still Waters Anne Malcom 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Flirting With Forever Kim Boykin 2014 $0.00 ebook amazon
No Other Love Lucy Kevin 2014 $0.00 ebook amazon
Unattainable Jamie Schlosser 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Exposed Maria Vickers 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Love & Corruption Bree Pierce 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Black Hat Hacker Soraya Naomi 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon

Appearances Sondra Helene 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Tempted By The Bear V. Vaughn 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Kindling Flames Julie Wetzel 2014 $0.00 ebook amazon
Breaking Kate D. Kelly 2014 $0.00 ebook amazon
Fumbled Hearts Meagan Brandy 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Wild, Hungry Hearts Beth Kery 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Gradation KC Decker 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Spy Ring Elzabeth Lynx 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Stranded on the Beach Noelle Adams 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
After Hurricane Nina, Reed’s Resolution Natalie Ann 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Samll Town Daddy BB Hamel 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon

Alpha On Top Leah Holt 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Raiden’s Choice JL Leslie 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Island Healing Virginia McCullough 2013 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Jack of Her Heart Virginia McCullough 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Lucky Pet Jamie Knight 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Around The Bend Britney King 2014 $0.00 ebook amazon
Love in a Pawn Shop Bonnie Edwards 2013 $0.00 ebook amazon
Forbidden Territory Amelia Wilson 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Stone and Fire Marie Robinson 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Thin Love Eden Butler 2014 $0.00 ebook amazon
All Knighter Em Petrova 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon

Hiding Hollywood Palmer Jones 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Fake It ‘Til You Make It Louisa Masters 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Jack II Stella Marie Alden 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Her Protector’s Pleasure Grace Callaway 2013 $0.00 ebook amazon
Against The Ropes Sarah Castille 2013 $0.00 ebook amazon
Playing Doctor Kate Allure 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
His Virgin Vivian Wood 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Shattered With you J Kenner 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Rock Me Two Times Dawn Ryder 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Where There’s Smoke Karen Kelley 2012 $0.00 ebook amazon
Cowboy Heaven Cheryl Brooks 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon

Baby, Your Mine Fiona Davenport 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Sleighed Annie Dyer 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Elite Elizabeth SaFleur 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
By Lethal Force Patricia D Eddy 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Her Wicked Hero Caitlyn O’Leary 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Charmed Empire Brooke Ellis 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Gettin’ Lucky Ellen Mint 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Playing Heart to Get Kara Liane 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Yes Daddy BB Hamel 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Dark Domination Lili Valente 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Siren Rena Marks 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon

Charming Cupid Melanie Shawn 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Hating The Rock Star BB Hamel 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Royal Baby Maker Nora Flite 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Lucky Stella Marie Alden 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Fallen Ink Carrie Ann Ryan 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Holiday Brides Collection (1-4) Ginny Baird 2013 $0.00 ebook amazon
Bastards and Whiskey Alta Hensley 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Love Lorn Amy Manemann 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Love Torn Stacy Eaton 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Ice: Dragon Clan Skye Jones 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Mia: Dragon Clan Skye Jones 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon

Good Enough Taryn Steele 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Never Enough Taryn Steele 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Is Love Enough Taryn Steele 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Beastly Groom Cami Checketts 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Trashy Affair Duet Gemma James 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Off-Season Megan Green 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Montana SEAL Elle James 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Red Trista Jaszczak 2014 $0.00 ebook amazon
Unmasked Trista Jaszczak 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Scarred Trista Jaszczak 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Restless Trista Jaszczak 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon

Sapient Salvation Jayne Faith 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Claiming Her Innocence Vivian Wood 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Curveball Nicole Rodrigues 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Going, Going, Goner Nicole Rodrigues 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Prince and I Marilyn Cruise 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Wingman Katie McCoy 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Perfect Boss Brenda Ford 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Professional Boundaries Jennifer Peel 2014 $0.00 ebook amazon
Harris Jasinda Wilder 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Thresh Jasinda Wilder 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Summer Loving BB Hamel 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon

The Post It Note Affair Justine Avery 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Stay AJ Alexander 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Break My Fall M Mabie 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Lucky II Stella Marie Alden 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Twice Shy Mona Ingram 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Love in the Badlands Mona Ingram 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Man Fast Krista Sandor 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Billionaire’s Gamble Penny Wylder 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Wedding Dress Lucy Kevin 2012 $0.00 ebook amazon
Come Monday Mari Carr 2014 $0.00 ebook amazon
Instant Attraction Lauren Blakely 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon

Buried Alive Stacey Marie Brown 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Hard Lesson Savannah Skye 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Prince Player BB Hamel 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Birthday Girl Penelope Douglas 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Billionaire Club Trilogy Zoe Adams 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Mafia Prince Bella J 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Boss Undercover JS Badham 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Balls Andie M Long 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Don’t Say A Word Sabre Rose 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
ALPHA Cassie Alexandra 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Vicious Prince St. Germain Lili 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon

Mile High B Cranford 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Good Luck Daddy Rayanna Jamison 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Once Upon A Beast KB Winters 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Game Changer Charissa Stastny 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Resolution: Double Dare Dee Ellis 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Resolution: Wanderlust Rececca Gallo 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Resolution: Snow Job Laney Powell 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Resolution: Exposure Tracy Lorraine 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Resolution: Free fall Fiona Starr 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Angelbound Origins Collection 1-5 Christina Bauer 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Complete Submission CD Reiss 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon

Dirty Rich Secrets Lisa Renee Jones 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
To Have and To Claim 1-2 Taryn Quinn 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Wedding Kiss Lucy Kevin 2012 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Project Amber Heart 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Through the Fire Fleur Smith 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Rise From Ash Fleur Smith 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Into The Rain Fleur Smith 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Igniting The Spark Fleur Smith 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Off Limits Sawyer Bennett 2013 $0.00 ebook amazon
Stuck On You Amelia Wilde 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Big Mountain Daddy BB Hamel 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon

Crazy In Love Box Set Ashlee Mallory 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Venerated Emma James 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Kept by the Professor Sasha Gold 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
If The Spring Comes Amy Leigh Simpson 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Swipe Right For Passion DJ Bryce 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Happily Evan After Fleur Smith 2014 $0.00 ebook amazon
All amity Allows Fleur Smith 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Bad Blood Wolf Anastasia Wilde 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
A Twist of Fate Alicia Montgomery 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Bear’s Fake Bride Lola Gabriel 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Outcast Annabel Chase 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon

Whisper of Love Melanie Shawn 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Her Savior Nicole Casey 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Slashed in the Snow M Never 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Boys of Brayshaw High Meagan Brandy 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Where Good Girls Go To Die Holly Renee 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Sacrificed to the Dragon Jessie Donovan 2014 $0.00 ebook amazon
Playing for the Heart Various 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
It’s Reigning Men Bundle: 1-3 Jenny Gardiner 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Sweet Liar Laurelin Paige 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
So Bad He’s Good Erin McCarthy 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Worth The Risk JB Heller 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon

Center Stage Denise Grover Swank 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Make Me Forget Monica Corwin 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Savage Krista Holt 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Pricked Winter Renshaw 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Temptress CJ Fallowfield 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Fix Her Up Carey Heywood 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Rule Number Three Nicky Shanks 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Dark Mafia Prince Annika Martin 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
The Novel Approach Heather Guimond 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Work In Progress BJ Harvey 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
His Surprise Baby BB Hamel 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon

Some Like It Charming Megan Bryce 2013 $0.00 ebook amazon
Rocky Mountain Heat Vivian Arend 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Rocky Mountain Retreat Vivian Arend 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Daddies & Nannies Boxset Piper Sullivan 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
Hating The Boss Kristen Granata 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon
How To Marry a Billionaire Elise Sax 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Shameless Kiss Amelia Wilde 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Big Stranger’s Baby BB Hamel 2018 $0.00 ebook amazon
Unexpected Christmas SE Foster 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Obsession SE Foster 2015 $0.00 ebook amazon
Fractured SE Foster 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon

Redemption SE Foster 2016 $0.00 ebook amazon
Vengeance SE Foster 2017 $0.00 ebook amazon
Pleasure Point Jennifer Jones 2019 $0.00 ebook amazon


📚 Denotes already read. 🚫 Denotes DNF.
  • The Dugout by Meghan Quinn (Author), Published Sept. 19th 2019
  • 📚Dear Ava by Ilsa Madden-Mills (Author), Published Sept. 22nd 2019


📚 Denotes already read/listened too.

The Girl the Sea Gave BackThe Stars and the Blackness Between Them


Are any of these on your TBRs, or have you already read them? If so, what did you think? 


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  1. Kayla @ Books and Blends

    October 11, 2019 at 10:25 am

    wow Sam! All of this without spending anything?! Let me bow to you queen!

  2. danielle

    October 11, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    Damnnnnnnnnnnnn I WISH I could get that many books and not spend anything!! You lucky lucky girl!!

    1. fictionallysam

      October 23, 2019 at 11:00 am

      It’s totally possible if you know where to look haha! <3

  3. lightofthebookworm

    October 12, 2019 at 4:51 am

    Goddam, Teach us your ways lol

  4. Meeghan reads

    October 12, 2019 at 4:59 am

    a) wot the wot? I get the eBooks and ARCs but those were B&N leatherbound hardcovers!!
    b) am loving the table format!! I do love a good spreadsheet 💕

    1. fictionallysam

      October 23, 2019 at 11:02 am

      a) belated birthday gifts!
      b) THANK YOU! I’m a hoe for a good spreadsheet, so when I realized I could do them on the blog without screenshots–much happiness abounded lmao

  5. singerofstories

    October 12, 2019 at 7:14 pm

    Wowwwwwwww. You’ve got a lot of reading to do! 😉 I love finding all of the deals on Amazon. What is your favorite source? Do you subscribe somewhere or just browse to find most of these?

    1. fictionallysam

      October 23, 2019 at 11:04 am

      I have a bunch of different people I follow on social media that send out lists of freebies each day! And then the perusal that I do on my own!

  6. Kristina

    October 12, 2019 at 7:56 pm

    Oh my LORD so many free books … I still don’t understand how you guys even find thoses xD

    Hurray for keeping the buying ban !! You however have quite a LOT of books to get onto 😅 I’d be set for years! ahaha

  7. Laurie

    October 13, 2019 at 1:04 am

    Woooooooow that’s a lot of ebooks! And all free titles!

  8. Nicola Niemc

    October 13, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    Sooooooo jealous, how on earth do you find all these free ebooks??? 😂

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  12. Clo @ Cuppa Clo

    October 19, 2019 at 5:09 am

    I’m concerned for your TBR’s health and well being Sam xD but like damn love that’s a load of freebies, oh is Through The Fire good? (I’m guessing it is cause you snapped up the last 3 books in the series but the covers and titles caught my eye so I snooped.)

    1. fictionallysam

      October 23, 2019 at 11:12 am

      Haha I would be concerned but my wallet is happy and its quenching my book grabby hand need lmao. And I have absolutely no clue as I haven’t read the series yet!

  13. TheCaffeinatedReader

    October 19, 2019 at 10:56 am

    Gasps OMG THOSE FREEBIES holy cooooow!!! And the B&N editions, my jaw literally dropped as I scrolled through your haul lol

    1. fictionallysam

      October 23, 2019 at 11:15 am

      Hahah mine did too when I saw the end total!

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