BOOKENDING SPRING 2019: Books (Not) to Read During Finals Week

bookending springMy reign was short lived. But hot damn was it a time Story Tellers.
Like I said in yesterday’s prompt post, Bookending Spring has been a whirlwind of an event this year. Clo and I have been amazed at all of your participation, the work you have put in to recreating the prompts and your general enthusiasm for growing closer and meeting new people within this community!
From the bottom of our hearts, Me and Clo are thankful to each and everyone of you who signed up, hosted, and everything in between! You guys are literal gems! As today is our last day in Bookending Spring, please let us (Clo and I) know how we can better make our events by filling out this feedback form (Bookending Spring 2019: Feedback)! We did this during our winter event, and got amazing feedback from it that we implemented into our BEspring this year! So if you have a minute to spare and have thoughts or recommendations to share–please do!

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Books Not to Read During Finals Week
Soul sucking and captivating books that will keep you hooked on the story and not on your studies

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  1. Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff: Yeah you wont be getting any studying done whatsoever with that bad boy in tow. A science Fiction novel told in notes, files, and interviews. Amie and Jay create a universe that will suck you in and keep you captive until you flip to the last page (and when I say last page I mean the blank ones at the end because you will demand more). This book doubles its binge worthiness if you couple it with the audiobook–WHICH YA GIRL HIGHLY RECOMMENDS!!
  2. Every Heart a Doorway (Wayward Children, #1)Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire: This one is so unsually short that you could possibly get some studying done, but you you may have trouble because the book hangover is strong. This book is absolutely stunning for how small it is (which I think anyone who has read it can attest to how shocked they were to find such amazing worldbuilding in such a small book) and because it is small it instantly hooks you into the story and weaves you into the different lives and worlds of these characters that you will need more by the end of it. Don’t worry, there are four books currently out that you can procrastinate studying with!
  3. This Mortal Coil (This Mortal Coil #1)This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada: I know I have ranted and raved about this book for months now, so if you aren’t new to my portion of the internet, you know why this made the list. If you are indeed new (hi welcome) this book had me hooked from the moment I relented and began this book. When I tell you, I was so hooked on this fast paced science fiction novel, I mean it! I finished this in one sitting and braved the storm of dodging my sleeping mom (who is hella cranky if awoken) to grab her reading light when mine went out (was sharing a room with family for the holidays when I read this bad boy). Fingers crossed you aced your midterm, because you wont be able to stop reading this one during finals.
  4. Luna and the LieANYTHING BY MARIANA ZAPATA: I had to throw a romance in here, but I couldn’t choose just one from my favorite slow burn author. Honestly, her books have kept me from more than just studying for finals. Her character development and the witty/snarky dialogue between characters had me on more than one occasion late with turning in an assignment, late to work, almost late to rehearsal, and confusing my finals monologue with dialogue from her books.
  5. A Court of Wings and RuinA Court of Wings And Ruin: I add this into this list, because this book inspired this entire post. Because this book kept me from studying for my senior year finals. For God knows what reason, SJM or her publishing house decided to release this bad boy the day of my play-writing and Advanced Acting finals, instead of polishing my monologue and going over blocking, ya girl sat and read this book. Instead of finishing off my play in one-act script so that the actors had a chance to go over it instead of doing the cold read, I continued to read. I binged this hunk of book with Bible thin pages, and never have I stressed out more during finals than in that moment. I put down this series finale ONLY at the last minute to actually get things done so I wouldn’t…you know…fail my finals. If you are looking with something to procrastinate with during dead week or finals week–this is your buddy. Oh, don’t worry, There is three books in all with a novella. Each. One. Binge-able. You’re welcome.

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What book would you not read during finals? Let me know!


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  1. Lauren

    April 30, 2019 at 9:53 am

    Love the description of “Bible thin pages.” Yes. I see you.
    Your charismatic writing has, once again, convinced me to add books to my TBR. Hats off, Sam.

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