BOOKENDING SPRING 2019: You’d Be Better As A Book

bookending springBookending Spring is thriving! Today is the last day of hosting for Clo @ Book Dragons before Michelle @ Michelle Likes Things takes over the crown and kingdom tomorrow! If you haven’t already, be sure to click on their names and check out Clo’s original post for this prompt as well as her and Michelle’s other amazing content!

Without further ado! Let’s waddle into today’s prompt!

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You’d Be Better As A Book
Films/TV Shows which aren’t based off of books nor have any books based off of them that in your opinion would be better as books. Maybe the film lacked something, but you feel like it could flourish as a book series? Or you think a certain aspect of the Show/Film would work better in book form.

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  1. The Order (Netflix): I feel like this show would be epic as a paranormal trilogy rather than as a TV show. I’ve watched the first four episodes and the series leaves something to be desired cinematically that I think the written word could bring out. Plus, the script is high key predictable.
  2. Star Crossed (CW): fam, I love me some alien romance–like 10/10 would recommend. However, this one was just…yowza. Not so complex effects with continuity issues, the TV show just wasn’t cutting it for me (neither was the acting). But I love the premise of this show so much that I think it would be an AMAZING story as a book! We could get the true effect and depth of the alien powers that the production company didn’t have the budget for and also really get into the romance of our two characters on a deeper level, as well as more layers of conflict could be expounded upon!
  3. Manifest (ABC): I just want it to be better…and the show isn’t making it better
  4. Annihilation: I don’t even have to say anything. We just need to delete the movie and then write the book. mhmm. The movie was solely just the outline. YUP.

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What TV/Films do you think should be novels? Let me know!


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