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Tag days are literally the best days. I don’t know if you guys know this but Tags are slowly becoming a guilty pleasure of mine to do. So thank you Kal @ Reader Voracious for tagging me in this one and feeding my addiction!


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1- I Make Reading a Priority

Reading has literally been apart of my life since I came out of the womb, but it wasn’t until I was around ten years old that I fell in love with it. As I grew older though, time became more precious and I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off; that is when I decided to make reading a priority. Everyday I make sure I have read at least an hour, whether that be on the bus ride home from work, while I’m on my lunch break or when I am in bed at night trying to wind down. I’ve made reading a habit and because of this it has integrated itself as a vital portion of my day. Like lunch and second breakfast–I can’t function without it.

2- Mood Reading

It is not surprise to anyone that I am a mood reader. I hate being forced to do things, so in regards to my reading, I like to allow myself to wander with my emotions. If I’m not in the mood to read something, I don’t force myself too; eventually I will get into the mood to read that book, but until then, if my moody ass wants a nice romance with a ton of shirtless men on the cover–then by golly that’s what these ovaries are gonna get. My mood reading gives my mental health a chance to escape and breathe, plus it helps with books that I would have loved if I was in a right mindset for them. win-win over all.

3- Bi-Monthly Declutter Of My TBR

I. Hate. Clutter.

There, I said it. Big TBR numbers make me feel some type of way (and not the good way). I get really constricted when I see my TBR on goodreads go above 300, so every other month or so I make it a point to clean it out. Am I honestly going to read this? Does this still sound interesting? Why did I even put this on my TBR in the first place?! These are the kind of questions that I ask myself during the purge, and it has helped my MH and TBR so, so, so much. After a few purges, I have even begun to find myself only adding to my TBR books I absolutely for sure know I will read instead of going gong-ho in the new releases section and adding everything I see on most anticipated lists just so I can fit in with what mary or Karen are doing.

4- No Guilt Trips

If I don’t like a book–I don’t like a book. Simple as that.

Over the years I have grown to being able to resist the bookish guilt trips, ones that I get from others and the ones I give myself. I’ve learned the power of DNFing a book if I’m not vibing it and learning to not feel guilty for not finishing it (DISCLAIMER: I do give a book up to 20-30% before DNFing). I’ve also learned that a recommendation is simply that–a recommendation. Just because some one suggests I need to read their favorite book does not mean that I have too. If I read that synopsis and am not interested, I wont add it to my TBR and I probably wont read it.

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Who knows if I did this tag right, but those are my Good Reading Habits!


Clo | Michelle | Izzy | Ruby | Jamsu

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What are some of your Good Reading Habits? Let me know!


22 thoughts on “Good Reading Habits Tag

  1. Thanks for the tag. I don’t think I’m going to do this one but some of my good reading habits are that I’m a mood reader but I only focus one book at a time. Also I’m getting better at DNF’ing books. I haven’t deleted books from my TBR in awhile but I think it’s still small compared to other people’s. I think I only have about 150 books there.

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  2. After reading your post I checked out my goodreads TBR and it had 98 titles. I cleaned it up but it still has 76 titles. I do have to say instead of just DNFing a book I try to get into it but then end up skipping to the last chapter or two so I can at least know what happens, and sometimes it makes me want to go back and finish the book but not always.


    1. 76 is a great amount! So glad my post led you to a TBR clean up! High key wish I could get mine to 76 titles 😂😂😂😂 And yeah, if I care a little about the book I’m about to DNF I will read the back/end of it, because I love spoilers and I want to see if it’s worth continueing. lol. Thank you for stopping by!


  3. ”Reading has literally been apart of my life since I came out of the womb, but it wasn’t until I was around ten years old that I fell in love with it.” Bless your soul, Sam, I thought I was alone in this. I hated reading, and I think partially it may have been grasp of English and my mischievous streak so I cared about other things (causing trouble) until my mom sat me down and made me read. 😂😂😂

    And as much as I feel guilty about DNFing, I have no regrets. If you don’t enjoy it when you’re in the mood, you sure AF you won’t enjoy it on a bad hair day, 💁‍♀️


  4. You are most welcome for feeding your tag addiction, my love! AND WITH POSITIVITY, TOO!

    Mood reading and making time daily for reading are two good habits that I also have! I need to be better about no guilt… I am a guilty person. I still DNF, but I feel horrible about it.

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  5. Thanks for the tag partner in crime! Honestly, my TBR is pretty under control somehow. Maybe because I’ve restrained myself from just wathing tons of bookshelf tour videos on BookTube and reading posts with a ton of upcoming releases, I know I probably get round to. Shirtless dudes for the win tho 😉 even at work right? *snickers*

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