Luna And The Lie by Mariana Zapata [REVIEW]

Luna and the LieGenres: New Adult, Romance
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: December 12th 2018
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Format: eBook
Rating: fangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstars
The problem with secrets is that they’re too easy to keep collecting. 
Luna Allen has done some things she would rather no one ever know about. She also knows that, if she could go back in time, she wouldn’t change a single thing. 
With three sisters she loves, a job she (mostly) adores, and a family built up of friends she’s made over the years, Luna figures everything has worked out the way it was supposed to. 
But when one of those secrets involves the man who signs her paycheck, she can’t find it in her to regret it. Despite the fact that he’s not the friendliest man in the world. Or the most patient. 
Sometimes there are things you’re better off keeping to yourself.

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I stan a queen. My heart cannot even begin to describe to you how much I adored this book. Mariana Zapata is one of my favorite authors and her slow burns have always left me smiling and swooning each and every time.

“I was loved, I had a home, I had money, and I had a job now. I was safe. I was happy.”

Based in my native city of Houston, Luna and the Lie, follows the story of Luna Allen, who despite her traumatic past has risen to make a home for herself and her sisters that she is content with. She promised herself to always find the good in things and in life as she works as the only female auto body tech at Cooper’s Collision and Customs. However, her new way of thinking is tested when her job hires on a brooding new co-owner, Lucas Ripley.
Right from the first page I was hooked into the story, and not once did my attention (or heart) waver from it. Zapata continues to astound me with the way she builds her characters and the attention to their stories she gives them. Luna, our main character, is honestly one that I related to on so many different levels; with probably one of the most hardest pasts out of all the heroines Zapata has written, she never let her circumstances dictate her future–she learned and adapted. Fierce, loving, and sassy, Luna is your typical girl next door.

“People think they have to be lions or lambs, but I’ve always just wanted to be something in between.” I bit my lip and lifted a shoulder. “Something that still has sharp teeth, just in case.” 

I think it is safe to say that I am trash and in love with our Hero, Rip. He hasn’t quiet reached the level to overthrow Aiden Graves (Wall of Winnipeg and Me) but hot damn did Rip give a good go at it. Honestly, Rip has knocked Lukov from my number two spot and I haven’t regretted that decision since. Brooding with a shady past, Rip is another character who has had to overcome a difficult past to get where he is today. Giving off some strong Under Locke vibes, I think I fell in love with him even more because of his back story and because of the man evolved into as the story went on. With each page you got to see more of him that no one else has seen in a very long time and it was such a privilege to watch him grow.
I honestly could not get enough of Luna and Rip and their growing relationship. One of the things I love about Zapata is that she takes you on the journey of building her main characters relationships with one another and exploring the inner workings of them falling in love. The relationship between the side characters and the main characters was one that I was cheering on from the sidelines.

“I swear to God, you’re a fucking puzzle I thought was all in the box, but every damn day I find a piece or two hidden all over the place.” 

This book is a super slow burn, and for the first time in a long time, I finally got to see a Hero who had to work to get the heroine back. I’m talking full-out grovelling–I am now trash for this type of resolutions and want them in everything now!
Out of all the books Zapata has written (that I have read) I think this one had the most repetitive dialogue. I’m not sure if it was just a personality trait of Luna’s but she repeated the same sentiments throughout the novel over and over and over again. I didn’t mind this so much, but at times (like in heavy scenes) it did pull me slightly out of the story.

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Sweet, funny, and heart wrenching,  Luna and the Lie, is a story that captivates you and takes you on a journey of love and family. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance and especially to those who love a slow burn.


  1. singerofstories

    January 12, 2019 at 10:28 am

    I didn’t even know what to make of that synopsis, I was so carried away! Slow burns are also a guilty pleasure of mine so I just may be checking out this book/author in the near future!! 😀

    1. sammers65

      January 14, 2019 at 10:55 am

      I love a good slow burn! Let me know what you think if you do get around to reading it! 😀

  2. Rosie Amber

    January 12, 2019 at 11:37 am

    I think you picked a good point about repetative dialogue, if needs to stay fresh and upto date to keep fans coming back for more.

  3. Clo @ Book Dragons

    January 13, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    Slow burnssssss ah *smirks* give me all the slow burns, I think when I finally manage to write a good slow burn I’ll throw a party. Cause damn they’re hard to write but are so, so, so good to read when they’re executed well hehe

    1. sammers65

      January 14, 2019 at 10:56 am

      SAMEEEEEEEEE and yes to all of this. so. much. yes

  4. Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts)

    January 13, 2019 at 12:42 pm

    Oof that cover is so BRIGHT right in the middle RIP. Poor Clo’s eyes.
    I love that quote from the main and wow, that is such a big big mood. Some say I’m a soft little bunny who doesn’t bite but um, I think I try??? I hope I try? But I really like slow burns so there’s that.

    1. sammers65

      January 14, 2019 at 10:57 am

      Big mood. You remind me of the bunny from Secret Life of Pets, adorable with attitude 😂

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