BOOKENDING WINTER: Holiday Exploration

img_0975Happy Thursday Storytellers! I have been falling IN LOVE with all of your posts this week! My heart has literally grown three sizes just by reading them all. Today’s prompt is brought to you again by Julia @ Fable Hunter,  and like I said before, she is one of my faves so if you haven’t checked her out yet please do!

You know the drill folks! Go grab some candy canes, hot chocolate and a blanket cause you are in for a space altering time!

Image result for star trek christmas gif

I honestly can’t stop laughing at this photo I found so I had to include it here. Look at how happy they all look! LMAO



Holiday Exploration
You received Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility for Christmas this year! Where would you go and what would you do? (Can be in the real world or a bookish one!)


If I received the cloak of invisibility I think would want to go on the USSR Enterprise and live out my life long dream of joining the Star-fleet Academy. I feel like I could do a  crap ton there for the rest of my life and no one would notice. I would be able to see new races and explore new galaxies, and finally play match maker for Kirk and Spock–like c’mon honey’s you were born for each other, accept it.

I could also learn first hand from a Vulcan how to do a mind meld and learn from the best all that is logical. I could learn how to be an asshole from the Klingons. It would be a time and a half, and I probably would love every single second of it.

Image result for star trek gif


Where would you go?


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