BOOKENDING WINTER: Holly Jolly Mistletoe

img_0975Happy Wednesday Storytellers! We are back with another Bookending Winter Prompt,  and one that I am stupid excited to be sharing with you! Today’s prompt is by the ever so illustrious Julia @ Fable Hunter, she is one of my faves so if you haven’t checked her out yet please do!

Go grab some candy canes, hot chocolate and a blanket cause you are in for a super treat!

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Holly Jolly Mistletoe
What character couples would you want to see stuck under some mistletoe? (Can be enemies, friends, characters you wish would have been together and weren’t, your favorite character couples)


Umbridge and Voldemort

I would die laughing solely because these two are just so evil that they are perfect for each other. Like in the very recess of my entity I low-key (very very very low key) ship these two together. Can you imagine the mayhem they could wreak if they did it together. Plus Umbridge would be kissing Voldemort under this mistletoe and that is a sight that I believe would scar and amuse me.

Elain Archeron and Azriel

They are meant to be together. I ship this. Screw the bond. The mistletoe has spoken.

Barney and Robyn

I’m still very salty at the ending of How I Met Your Mother. But this is the ship that I will forever go down with. FOREVER.

Buffy and Angel

I can hear Kal and Jamsu screeching already, BUT BEFORE YOU THROW STAKES AT ME LET ME PREFACE THIS WITH I JUST MET SPIKE AND I HAVEN’T GROWN AN ATTACHMENT TO HIM YET. With that said, I ship Buffy and Angel hardcore and I need them to kiss under the mistletoe for my life to be complete. Thank you.


Who would you like to see under the mistletoe?


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