Teased by Fire by Molly O'Hare [RELEASE BLITZ]



Title: Teased by Fire
Author: Molly O’Hare
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: October 2, 2018
Olive has
always been content living an anti-social existence while letting the
characters she writes about fulfill her wild side. She’s worked hard to achieve
a zero human interaction life. However, that came to an end when out of nowhere
her best friend announced she’s moving out, and her brother was moving in. Not
only does Olive now have to deal with the guy that has teased her their whole
life, but he also came with a cat the size of a human child.
Hank’s had
a thing for Olive for as long as he could remember. When he realized she needed
a roommate, he jumped at the chance. Why wouldn’t he when annoying Olive had
always been his favorite pastime? Then one day when Hank let his curiosity get
the better of him, he discovered Olive had a whole other side of her she kept
hidden away. 
Now, all
Hank had to do was convince Olive life was a heck of a lot more fun when you
add some fire to it. Honestly, what could possibly go wrong?



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Author Bio
Much like any author out there, sleeping does
not come easy to Molly. As it turns out, she has horrible insomnia. When she
was younger, to help herself fall asleep she would recite stories. Each night
she’d pick up where the story left off previously until the tale was complete.
One morning, after she finished a particularly fun adventure, she decided she
wanted to start sharing them with others. A few months later, here she is,
sharing her lack of sleep with all of you. Who says the stories in our heads
can’t be fun for others?


Also, she loves Fun Facts. New ones are at the
end of each of her book. If you look close enough, some are hidden on her
website too.


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