We Are The Stars by Teagan Hunter [ARC Review]

We Are the StarsGenres: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: May 24th 2018
Source: ARC, Enticing Journey Book Promotions
Format: e-book
They say life is written in the stars… 
There was no way I wasn’t going to fall for Carsen Wheatley. He came out of nowhere and we collided like stars in the night sky. It was fast and brutal. The buildup was slow and the burnout inevitable.

I never intended for him to be anything more than a summer fling, and he never thought of me as more than fleeting moments of happiness
But the summer is only temporary, and so were we.
We are imperfect.
We are mismatched.
And we stand no chance against any of it.”Goodreads Synopsis

We Are the Stars is a heartwarming and super-cute story about two very different lives crossing and coming together. Elliot is bored with the life she leads and everything around her just waiting for some form of an adventure to whirl her way, whereas Carsen is just trying to make it through each day as the eyes of world judge him for a crime everyone believe he got away with.
This novella (now with an added 20k word count) was different from the other stories I have read from this author but yet still had the same vibe and flair that Teagan always brings to her stories such as the humor and cute romance moments that make me smile and have my toes curl in excitement. I enjoyed seeing the world from Elliot’s eyes, the way she refuses to change the way she is and utter refusal to conform to the standards of her town was a refreshing take that I haven’t seen in a character before. As for Carsen, I was just a swooning mess the entire time. Let’s face it I am a sucker for the broody/grumpy guys with a history.
All in all, I had a lot of fun reading the beginning of Elliot and Carsen’s story and falling for them as they fell for each other. This story was a complete swoon worthy read and a great way to begin my summer!
(Volunteered for this ARC for my Honest Review)

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