Studly Period by Sarina Bowen [Review]

Studly Period (The Ivy Years, #3.5)Genres: Contemporary New Adult Romance
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: March 20th 2018
Source: Newsletter/E-mail
Format: Serial
“A serialized story from Sarina Bowen.
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There are 1016 people in the freshman class at Harkness College. I can’t be the only socially awkward nerd girl virgin among them. Right?
It’s time I learn to talk to guys without blushing and stammering. So I take a confidence-building job at the student tutoring center. Twelve bucks an hour, plus human interaction. What could go wrong?
A fun-loving French Canadian hockey hunk, that’s what.
When Pepe Gerault sits down at my tutoring table, my brain shuts off and my mouth goes right into hyperdrive. Even the sound of my name on his lips—Josephine—gives me a mini orgasm.
I want to hand him my V-card. But all I manage to hand him is…my thesaurus. And my dignity. All seems lost, until I hatch a plan to get him alone…” — Goodreads Synopsis

REVIEWHonestly, this story was super cute and super simple.
I loved how different the characters were from the usual new adult romances where there is the super shy and socially awkward girl and the crazy popular jock. Josephine was painstakingly realistic and I could relate to her on more than one occasion throughout the eight chapters that make up the story. As for Pepe…Gosh I loved him. Pepe was absolutely adorable and I can’t help but praise how Bowen handled the language barrier between the characters–it made it feel more real and more authentic.
However, I wished there was more conflict between the two characters. I feel like everything was a little to easy for them and there wasn’t anything pushing the story forward besides getting laid, and even then it wasn’t really that big of a deal. Again, this could be because it was a serial and I read it one chapter a week on my lunch breaks–but gosh I just really wanted more! It felt like just when I was really getting to enjoy and understand the characters more, it was over.
Hopefully Sarina will add bonus material when she publishes it, because I seriously need more content between these two!
UGH! Just so adorable!
Image result for swoon gif
All in all, this story was super cute and light and has been the highlight of my Tuesday lunch breaks for the past eight weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and these characters (even if it was the shortest thing ever written…I swear I’m not bitter) and watching their love story begin.
Standalone: Yes
POV: First Person
Would I re-read: Yes, if there was more content!
Would I read more from this author: Yes!

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