Misadventures with My Roommate by Elizabeth Hayley [ARC Review]

Misadventures with My Roommate
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Waterhouse Press
Publication Date: March 27th 2018
Source: Arc, Netgalley
Format: Ebook
Rating: fangirlstars
“Blake Monroe hasn’t had the easiest life, but she’s never been one to dwell on her misfortunes, preferring to see the world as a place where you get what you give.
Having had an especially troubling childhood, Blake’s aware she doesn’t exactly fit the definition of “normal.” Her lack of filter, dry sense of humor, and uncanny ability to read people make her rather unique—and difficult to live with. When her latest roommate has had enough of her antics, Blake decides living with a man might suit her better.
Gavin Gibson’s a dreamer whose artsy aspirations don’t meet the high expectations of his wealthy family. Cast off and cut off, Gavin needs a place to live. When he’s invited to share Blake’s quaint apartment, he cannot pass it up. With a knack for spotting the good in others, Gavin can see past Blake’s quirks—and neither of them can ignore their sexual chemistry.
As sparks fly, their genuine affection for each other grows, and Gavin begins to break down Blake’s defenses. But can Blake open up to reveal the damage she’s worked so hard to conceal?” —Goodreads Synopsis

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Yeah I didn’t like this one.
The synopsis is what intrigued me about this book and ultimately led me to requesting this ARC on Netgalley. I mean, a main character that has absolutely no filter and is supposedly quirky? That is great banter just waiting to happen! And you all know how much I love great banter between characters. Sadly, I don’t think I really got that.
The story follows Blake, a really eccentric (or sociopathic, whichever term you prefer) girl who doesn’t have the best luck in the world in regards to roommates. Her lack of a filter and odd personality (to put it nicely) makes her hard to live with. After the sudden departure of her last roommate, Blake decides to give the opposite sex a try. Quickly we are introduced to Gavin, a creative mind who dreams of being a photographer, but spends most of his time doing menial jobs to pay the bills due to his rich family cutting him off. When his last living arrangement falls to pieces, he goes on the search for a new place and a new roommate.
Cue Blake and her no filter, and cue instant chemistry and BAM!
Let the craziness begin.
I gave everything I had to try enjoy this book, I really did. But holy cannoli this book was really hard to get into, for one thing, and the execution to a lot of the story left a lot to be desired.
For starters, I had a hard time relating to Blake– just for the sole reason that she didn’t really have anything going for her besides the no filter and obvious sociopathic tendencies. She says everything that is on her mind with no regard to anyone else’s feelings but her own. Some could find this endearing, however, about 90% of the time I found myself uncomfortable reading her dialogue and wished someone or anyone could teach her that not everything that pops into your head should be said aloud. The author explains her behavior is due to a crappy childhood, but the reader isn’t informed of this until more than half way through the book and even then I still don’t think its a good enough excuse. However, most of the characters, if not all, let it slide due to Blake being attractive. Also, this is not okay in my opinion.
The hero and love interest of the story, Gavin, is anything but interesting. Like Blake, he is very one-dimensional and has about the same amount of personality as a Ford Focus. That is, until near the end of the novel, where we slowly begin to see some form of a characterization begin to peak through.
The novel has components of characters dealing with internal psychological trauma, but throughout the story I was unable to believe the circumstances that the author created revolving that trauma. As a person who hasn’t dealt with psych trauma before, I can’t accurately judge if this book was a good rep for those who go through that, but as a reader I felt like the author didn’t do enough research and this led it to be poorly executed and ultimately a big misrepresentation.
The pace of the novel was at a snail’s pace on a good day. We don’t find anything out and nothing moves the story forward until just about a little more than half way through the book. Instead of keeping the story and plot going forward and reeling the reader in, the scenes felt stagnant and quite frankly pulled me out of the story. Not even 20% in, and I was checking to see how much I had left.
Like I said, the concept was great, but the execution was terrible. I really wanted to enjoy this book, however, it took 5ever and a day for me to not hate the main characters as much as I did in the beginning and for them to actually show some human emotion that I could relate to. I am firm believer that the characters make the story, but sadly, these characters didn’t make the mark.
Standalone: Yes
POV: Third person
Would I re-read: Nope
Would I read more from this author: I don’t think so.

(Volunteered for this ARC for my Honest Review)


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