BOOKENDING SPRING 2020: Book Prop Fever

Welcome back and happy Tuesday Storytellers! Today’s prompt is a revealing one that I am beyond excited to share with you! As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the amazing Megan @ Ginger Mom Company is unable to host this week due to being unwell, so I will be stepping in and hosting on behalf of her. We will still be using her prompts–so don’t worry! We at Bookend Events, just ask that you credit Megan for the prompts (as you would a tag) as well as myself as host so that I can blog hop to your amazing posts! With that said, from everyone here at Bookend Events, we are wishing Megan a speedy recovery and sending her lots of love! ♥️

If this is your first time here on my blog (hi! Hello! I’m Sam!) and you don’t already know what Bookending Spring is, its a month long event in April that was created by myself and Clo @ Cuppa Clo where we aspire to bring the bookish community closer together through the platform we love the most–blogging! Each day throughout the month, we have different prompts from different hosts that participants can replicate! I am so excited to check out everyone’s posts and prompts as we get more into the month as our hosts this year are dishing out quality content! You can also catch me smiling from ear to ear as I get to meet all of you on your blogs and on our Twitter (@bookend_events if you haven’t followed, you totally should!) page!

Also, don’t forget that we have a blog hopping masterlist! The list features all of our participants and those who are participating in Bookending Spring can put their post links next to their name for easy blog hopping! Can’t wait to see all your amazing posts! And with that, let’s get into today’s prompt!


Book Prop Fever

Share some of your favorite spring-themed book photo props (bonus points if they’re very affordable or super unique)!


Super fair disclaimer: My Bookstagram can be described in two words, and two words alone: Colorful Minimalism. 

You’ve been warned.

Colorful Stars

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Happy November 1 and Happy first day of #NANOWRIMO2019 ! . This year is the first year that I actually put my best foot forward (okay maybe not the "best" foot…maybe just a foot) and seriously took part in #Preptober! Now the time has come to write all of the words, and I. Am. Terrified. Literally, ya girl is flying by the seat of her barely outlined pants and am in a constant state of "I have no idea what I'm doing" and "DONT GO BACK AND EDIT". . But even with all of these emotions, I AM SUPER STOKED! I am excited to get this story down and out of my head. Will this be a beautiful first (more like zero) draft? LOL no, but its a start–and I can work with that! #QOTD what part of the process is always the scariest for you? Is it the blank page like me? Or is it something else? Good luck! <3 . #nanowrimo #amwriting #romanceauthorofinstagram #romance #fictionallysam #WIP #slowburn #fiction #booksbooksbooks #authorsofinstagram

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These gems were a gift from one of my best friends, and I honestly love them to death. When they aren’t sitting on my nightstand, they are posing for the countless bookstagram photoshoots I have but never post 😅. But in all honesty I think they give my photos such a cool and fun element and its a 10 out of 10 for me!

My Contemporary and Romance shelves

If you know me then you know I love to reuse things around my house and save a buck. Especially for things like the gram. So why not use my own shelves? Some of my shelves are my pride and joys and my contemporary shelf and romance shelf are amongst the top ones. Colorful and bright, every time I catch a glimpse of them I get all giggly inside.

What props do you love to use?



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  1. northernplunder

    April 28, 2020 at 4:04 pm

    i enjoy using my tarot, skulls, and leaves 🙂

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