Hot Off The Press! New Releases #4

Hot Off The Press is a series on Fictionally Sam where we promote new releases and give them a nice big happy release day shout out! Each novel promoted either has been released the day the post has gone up or within the gap between posts. If there are any books missing, let everyone know in the comments!


All Grown Up by [Keeland, Vi]Only Ever You by [Reiss, CD]Dax: An Arizona Vengeance Novel by [Bennett, Sawyer]Indulge Me: A Stark Ever After Novella by [Kenner, J.]Under Currents: A Novel by [Roberts, Nora]Surrendering the Dark (Lucifer and Amalie's Story, Book 1) by [West, S. J.]The (Secret) Baby by [Harper, Leddy]Crashing the A-List by [Heacock, Summer]Thaddeus (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) (Gold Team Book 2) by [Edwards, Riley, Alpha, Operation]The Prenup: A Modern Romantic Comedy by [Layne, Lauren]

Bet Me to Stay by [Havens, Candace]Just Love by [Lane, Prescott]Soul Keeper (Brotherhood of Shadows Book 1) by [Marr, Cathryn]Spring House by [Taylor, Mary Ellen]Blood by [Gee, Maggie]Breathe In, Cash Out: A Novel by [Henry, Madeleine]Bethlehem: A Novel by [Kelly, Karen]



The Storm Crow by [Josephson, Kalyn]The Last Book Party by [Dukess, Karen]The Traitor's Kingdom (Traitor's Trilogy Book 3) by [Beaty, Erin]Wilder Girls by [Power, Rory]The Shortest Distance Between Love & Hate by [Hall, Sandy]Maybe This Time by [West, Kasie]Me Myself & Him by [Tebbetts, Chris]Stealing Home by [Wallace, Becky]Heartwood Box by [Aguirre, Ann]

Did I miss any? If so, leave them in the comments for others to see! Happy Release Week!



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