Bookend Events, Spring 2019

BOOKENDING SPRING 2019: How To Quickly & Easily Make Graphics for Blog & Social Media

bookending springOur first week of Bookending Spring is officially in the bag Story tellers! I literally cannot stop grinning and reading all of your posts and comments on everyone else posts! I really hope you guys are enjoying this event as much as me and the hosts are! Be sure to be following us on Twitter today, as we begin our first ever Twitter Chats (@bookend_events) Finishing my reign as host (until the end of April where I shall return for my crown!) before I turn over the kingdom keys to the lovely Theresa @ The Calico Books with one last prompt! Our final prompt from AJ @ For the Love of Diversity in Books is fingers deep into the organization game!

So without further ado, let’s get into today’s prompt!

Untitled design


How To Quickly & Easily Make Graphics for Blog & Social Media
Featuring the only app I use for all the graphics I use on all my social media, blog and booktube. How do you make graphics for your blog/social media?

Untitled design

Unlike AJ, I use a few different computer software and apps for both my Social media pages and my blog! So waddling into slightly bending this prompt, I thought I would list out the resources I use to make what Fictionally Sam is today!

  1. Canva: literally a god sent from above. I use this free online designer for all my feature images, dividers, etc. here on the blog as well as my highlight reel on instagram! Canva has a very user friendly approach to how you can create and design different graphics.
  2. VSCO: literally my go-to for editing pictures. They have some bomb dot com filters and like canva–is also super freakishly easy to use!
  3. Unsplash: Free stock photos for days. Literally heaven in one place!
  4. GIMP: This is basically the free version of photoshop, if Canva can’t do what I need it too, I typically find myself waddling over to GIMP and edit graphics there. Not as user friendly, and like photoshop it is a learning curve. However, it’s FREE so I’m not complaining!

Untitled design

What do you use to create your graphics? Let me know!


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