Mini-Reviews Monday #5

Mini-Reviews Monday is a monthly series in which I attempt to get caught up on reviews in bulk. These reviews are a highlight reel instead of an in-depth look into my time reading these novels. If you would like an in-depth version of my review, let me know in the comments!

#Awestruck (#Lovestruck #3)#Awestruck by Sariah Wilson

Genres: New Adult, Sports Romance
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication Date: Jane 8th 2019
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Format: ebook
Rating: DNF
This was a buddy read with Soph and I honestly have no words to describe how much it pained me to get to 36% before I couldn’t take it anymore. None of the characters felt real or authentic; their actions are super fake and doesn’t fit the plot or background stories of their characters. We also get another fake relationship that is hella fake (like my nonexistent love life feels more real than whatever this was trying to be). Honestly I just wanted to shoot myself in the foot the entire time. I did take a peak at the ending to see if it was worth continuing to pull my teeth out but the ending is just hella messy and doesn’t even sound realistic under the circumstances. Not a fan was I.

Glow : Book I, PotencyGlow: Book 1, Potency by Aubrey Hadley

Genres: YA Science Fiction
Publisher: Ruby & Topaz Publishing
Publication Date: February 13th 2019
Source: NetGalley
Format: eARC
Rating: DNF
This is a book where the premise lulls you in and the writing kills you off. I had a “oh no” moment with the writing and lack of character depth or dimension from the first page, but I kept trudging through thinking that it would get better and it was just a rocky start (because some books have those). Nope. This was rocky through it all. I got up to 24% and couldn’t take any more. From the very beginning the characters (especially Harper) felt so flat they could have been considered paper dolls and as the story progressed it felt like someone took lighter fluid to them and set them on fire; and I didn’t stick around long enough to see if they turned to ash or not, but by golly were they non existent when I checked out.
Apart from the characters being flat and not there, the writing style felt weird and the dialogue was cringy and constantly repetitive (If I see the word Enter again I will scream). The pace is super slow and I feel like the novel is too long for the story that is trying to be told and can be condensed severely.  I was enraptured by the synopsis given to me but I feel gutted that the execution of this story fell super short.

Jane EyreJane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Genres: Classic, Romance
Publisher: AmazonClassics
Publication Date: October 16th 1847
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Format: ebook
Rating: fangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstars.5
This was a classic that I actually low key…enjoyed reading? Like from the very beginning we are instantly hooked on the shitty life of Jane Eyre and because I love a good tea I was chugging it by the gallon with this one.  The language was easier to digest than the other classics I have read, but I honestly could not for the life of me click or connect with the romance in this one. While I was captivated by the drama that is her life, I really wanted to choke a lot of these characters (and when I say a lot I mean all of them). Yeah not a fan was I on this front. Jane has the literal worst luck ever, from her parents death to being lied to on her wedding day, I honest believe Jane needs a vacation and I need a margarita.

I Dare YouI Dare You by Ilsa Madden-Mills (Backlist Review)

Genres: NA, Sports Romance
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: April 28th 2018
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Format: ebook
Rating: fangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstars
A quirky and fun read this was. I didn’t expect to have as much fun with this one as I ended up having. It was super light and fun, at times I found myself giggling like a school girl and squealing cause I’m complete trash for sports romance especially when there is texting involved. This book was just super fun, and filled to the brim with swoon worthy moments that made my tooth ache.

Finding AlexeiFinding Alexei by Kendall Ryan

Genres: NA, Sports Romance
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: January 7th 2019
Source: Bought
Format: ebook
Rating: fangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstars
I am absolutely smitten with Alexei. He is literally everything a girl would dream of when day dreaming about a random stranger swooping in to save you. Both Ryleigh and Alexei were entertaining and I loved the instant chemistry between the two. I did feel like the story was rushed in certain areas, and our heroine gave in way to easily for every circumstance that came her way. I don’t think the plot nor character development mattered much in this novel due to the sole focus being to make our hero and heroine fall in love; which made me slightly salty (I love me some good character development). All in all though, I treated it like a Hallmark movie and basked in the cheesy love fest that it is.

These Precious Scars (This Mortal Coil #0.5)These Precious Scars by Emily Suvada

Genres: YA, Science Fiction
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: September 25th 2018
Source: Online
Format: ebook
Rating: fangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstars
I honestly love this world to my very core. In this novella Suvada gives a glimpse of each of the children when they are 11 years old in the lab. Each chapter told in a different perspective of each child–Leoban, Cole, Ziana, Anna, and Jun Bie– we get a glimpse of what life was like for them growing up.
The story doesn’t really offer anything to the main series (This Mortal Coil) apart from just giving the readers a more indepth look at our main characters lives when they were younger. All the same though, I was enraptured throughout the entire story and honestly wanted more after finishing as Jun Bei and Ziana were probably my favorite POV’s to read and I’m honestly here for their stories.
Super solid read and I can’t wait to continue reading This Cruel Design!!


  1. Maggie Stewart (@maggiereadsya)

    February 11, 2019 at 11:02 am

    Sorry you struck out with the first two books – I’ve had a few duds myself recently. Glad you had a few books that worked well for you. Great minireviews!

  2. TheCaffeinatedReader

    February 11, 2019 at 11:24 am

    I was instantly drawn to the pretty cover on Glow, I am so upset now that it is probably not worth my time at all. Bah humbug!! But, I agree, I always felt Jane needed a night out on the town haha

    1. Sam || Fictionally Sam

      February 11, 2019 at 3:07 pm

      Same! The cover is gorgeous! I just wish the content was too 😂😂😂😂

  3. Rosie Amber

    February 11, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    A mixed bunch, I do find it can take a while to find the books that are like golden nuggets.

  4. Truly Booked

    February 11, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    I’m glad that I read through this rather than checking out those first two books. They sound like a hot mess.
    And I’m glad you enjoyed Jane Eyre! I’ve loved it since I was younger and saw a movie on it. It’s funny to me how much they soften… everyone around her in the movies, because even the “nice” characters are absolutely terrible in the book.

    1. Sam || Fictionally Sam

      February 11, 2019 at 3:09 pm

      Hot mess indeed! And I haven’t seen the movie yet! Do you have a version you prefer more?

      1. Truly Booked

        February 11, 2019 at 6:17 pm

        I’m really partial to the 1996 version of Jane Eyre because that was the one I saw when I was 10. It has William Hurt in it and they were more believable to me as the characters they’re supposed to be.She’s believably plain looking in the movie and he’s attractive, but not drop-dead hot.
        If you want the sexier version of the story, I’ve heard people rave about the Michael Fassbender version which I haven’t checked out yet. :p

        1. Sam || Fictionally Sam

          February 12, 2019 at 12:24 pm

          oooo I think I’ll watch the 96 version first! thank you!

  5. Sophia (Bookwyrming Thoughts)

    February 12, 2019 at 9:51 pm

    Honestly same with #Awestruck, LOL. I didn’t feel like shooting myself in the foot, but damnnnnnn that’s one messed up relationship where they didn’t deserve that second chance at all. Nope, not in a heartbeat. THEY BROKE UP FOR A REASON IN THE FIRST PLACE.
    I’m disappointed to hear about Glow because I saw that Read Now on Netgalley and received an email but I chose to pass it up – good thing too! I can’t with writing and characters that kill me off.
    QUICK QUESTION. Does I Dare You have explicit scenes? I like quirky and fun but I’m currently NOT in a mood for explicit romance, LOL.

    1. Sam || Fictionally Sam

      February 19, 2019 at 11:56 am

      #awestruck was a time I wish I could flush out of my brain. lol.
      SAME! The cover and the way they wrote the email is what had me waddling over, but oof. just OOF.
      And I believe it does have one scene. but I don’t remember how detailed it went. It’s not erotica level but there is a sex scene in there.

  6. Kaleena @ Reader Voracious

    February 14, 2019 at 2:39 pm

    Awww the cover for Glow is so pretty but YIKES no thank you.
    How DARE you read Jane Eyre without me. I love that book so much ahahaha.

  7. Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites

    February 16, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    DNFs are always an oof, though at least you can use that time you saved by NOT reading the rest and invest it in better books – like those last few! *peeks back at the covers, fans self*
    also Jane Eyre is actually one of my favorite classics, but the romances are definitely … questionable, to put it mildly; and Jane definitely could use a vacation. (so could we all, tbh, because people suck 👀)

    1. Sam || Fictionally Sam

      February 19, 2019 at 12:14 pm

      True! and yeah that romance is…um something. LOL. BIG MOOD TO THE VACATIONS! Lets all go to Fiji and just chill

      1. Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites

        February 19, 2019 at 4:51 pm

        oooooh Fiji sounds cool … but only if I can bring my books 😜

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