Mini Reviews Monday #1

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I did some reviews and I’ve read a ton of books over the past few weeks so I thought it would be a fun idea to pop out a compilation of mini reviews! So sit back, grab some popcorn and let the highlight reel begin!

The End Zone by L.J. Shen

The End Zone“Jolie Louis is a smart girl. She knows that her best friend, Sage Poirier, is a bad idea. He’s a walking, talking cliché. The Adonis quarterback with the bulging biceps and harem of fangirls trailing behind him on campus like a stench you can’t get rid of. Sadly, that’s also the reason she can’t stay away from him. Well, that and the fact that they’re roommates. Jolie is already straddling the line between friendship and more when Sage comes to her with an offer she cannot refuse: be his fake girlfriend and live for free for the rest of the semester. She tells herself that she can handle it. He’s just the boy she saved ten years ago, right? Wrong. So very wrong. He is a man now, and she is his captive Heart, body, and soul…”Goodreads Synopsis
Part of Team Player: A Sports Romance Anthology; this was a quick and fun read. For a girl who doesn’t typically love novellas for the sole fact of how quick they are–I really enjoyed this one! Told in eight chapters and eight chapters only, we are given a friends-to-lovers story of Jolie and Sage. I absolutely was smitten with the chemistry these two had and found myself giggling and smiling like a crazy person whenever the two were together. My only complaint is that I felt that a lot of the scenes felt super rushed; this could be because it is indeed a novella and is suppose to be short, but I feel like we missed some great character/ plot moments because of the speedy-ness of it all.

Rating: fangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstars

All The Things I Never Said by Mae Krell

All the Things I Never SaidAll The Things I Never Said is a collection of poetry and journal-like entries. Throughout the pages you will experience heartbreak, happiness, sadness, and be reminded of what it was like to be a teenager.” — Goodreads Synopsis
Yeah, this one was a dud for me. I felt like I stepped into a pre-teens tumblr of diary-esque posts and comments. The poet behind this collection explains that she is fourteen in the introduction of this collection, and I really wished she didn’t because I feel like all my expectations and hopes went out the window. Seriously, half way through I was trying to remember if at fourteen I or my friends were having the romantic relationship issues she was depicting in her poems. Everything felt melodramatic and I wasn’t able to connect with the pieces as much as I wanted to. All in all, this was probably the most bummer read of the bunch.

Rating: fangirlstars

She Felt Like Feeling Nothing by R.H. Sin

She Felt Like Feeling Nothing“From the bestselling author of the Whiskey, Words, and a Shovel series comes this poetic reminder of women’s strength.
There are moments when the heart no longer wishes to feel because everything it’s felt up until then has brought it nothing but anguish. In She Felt Like Feeling Nothing, r.h. Sin pursues themes of self-discovery and retrospection. With this book, the poet intends to create a safe space where women can rest their weary hearts and focus on themselves.” — Goodreads Synopsis

I felt EVERYTHING with this poem collection! I read this on my kindle and I wish I had the physical copy of it so that I could annotate the living crap out of it! I felt so connected and related to with this collection that honestly in many instances it took my breath away. I found myself having to put down my kindle and take a moment because I haven’t felt that seen in a poetry collection in a long time.  The way the poet draws the story within the very few lines he gives, absolutely mind boggles me. Simply put, I’m trash.

Rating: fangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstars

Wrapped in My Wife by Alexa Riley

Wrapped In My WifeEmily’s been a wife and a mom as a full-time job. But when her twin boys go to kindergarten she finds herself with too much time on her hands.
Dylan built his construction business with his wife by his side, until she had their boys and decided to stay at home. The past few years he’s been working hard to build the perfect life for her, but he’s ready to slow down.
When Emily takes a job at the local library she’s not prepared for a creepy new boss. She misses her family, but she’s determined to make it work. But little does she know her husband is on the prowl, and nobody gets in the way of what still belongs to only him.
Warning: This sugary sweet husband and wife romance is everything your heart desires! It’s safe, sexy, and over the top! Put a ring on it and dive in!” —Goodreads Synopsis

Super short and super uncomfortable. This book was only 88 pages but it was enough for me to wish it was done already. I’m not one for the super controlling alpha male and this novella was absolutely filled to the brim with this trait. Told in Dual POV, Emily’s husband, Dylan has a hard time letting his wife…well…live her life, to put it mildly; and because of this he goes to extremes to makes sure his wife is constantly under his radar. Throughout the story I felt really uncomfortable with his internal dialogue and the actions he takes and how everyone was super okay with his actions as if being that controlling is normal for a relationship. Yeah solid nope from me fam.
Solid. Nope.



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