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Well hello!
I honestly can’t believe that this is the last Wednesday of April! Like where did it all go?? Last time I looked at my calendar I could have sworn we still had a solid two weeks left before the Justin Timberlake memes begin but alas here we are at the end of April and Justin has taken over with the annual:

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Still not sure if I am tired of them yet.
Anyway! Enough about my lack of perception of time. This week’s topic is a really fun one that revolves around favorite fandom items! Now, if you know me, you would know that I love me some online window shopping (It’s probably the only thing that my wallet will let me do) and have many fandom-esque items saved in my bookmarks and on pinterest. I swear I don’t have a problem.
Okay maybe a little one.
BUT! My obsession with ogling at things from a distance has proven to be beneficial here! So without further ado, here is my top five favorite fandom items!

5. Harry Potter Funko-Pops

Pop! Movies: Harry Potter - Harry Potter
Okay, so I used to say I never really understood the need for Funko pops, but then after seeing one in person, I have concluded they are the most adorable thing ever and I need them in my life. Specifically this one of Harry (pictured on the left). Like I know they serve no purpose and probably are a waste of money, but HOLY CANOLI THEY ARE ADORABLE AND ARE PROBABLY AESTHETICALLY PLEASING ON MY BOOKSHELVES!

4. Twilight Bracelet/Jewelry

Okay. I couldn’t just not have something Twilight related in this post. Would I even be me, if I didn’t?
I adore bracelets, especially when they are inspired from my fandoms. So when I saw this little guy over on Etsy, I instantly became an obsessed little bunny and have been drooling over this for days now. Created from Gemini Vintage over on Etsy, this bracelet captures the essence of Jacob Black with its upcycled paper beads and a wolf charm. I honestly can’t wait for pay-day where ya girl can splurge a little.

3. Bookish Blankets

2018-04-24 23.24.17.jpg
Everyone loves a good soft and fuzzy blanket. I just so happen to love them a little bit more than the average joe. I mean c’mon y’all! Snuggling up against a warm blanket while reading is like every readers dream! That dream, for me, just gets better with some bookish art splattered onto the blanket.
You can find the blanket pictured here at Society6!

2. Simon V. Homo Sapiens Agenda Stickers

Love Simon sticker by pamleonie
Honestly, do I need to say anything? I’m trash. End of story.
You can find this sticker over at Redbubble!

1. Mugs

2018-04-24 23.13.07.jpg
Honestly, I couldn’t really narrow a fandom for this, because I love so many, however out of all the fandom items in the world, I am probably the most trash for mugs. Like I can’t get enough of them! They always come in cute designs and funky shapes, and I feel like they are more socially acceptable if they say some smart ass things, which in all my fandoms that I am apart of, snarky and smart ass comments are a regular theme. Plus, mugs are multi-purposeful! You can use them for literally, anything! Need a pen holder? Check. Something to drink that hot beverage that Aunt Carol made for you? Check. Need something for your instagram pic to make you look sophisticated? Check!
You can find the one pictured over here at Redbubble!

What are some of your favorite fandom items?



  1. thisisoneforthebooks

    April 25, 2018 at 10:08 am

    Some of my favourites are mugs too and bookmarks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. sammers65

      April 25, 2018 at 7:06 pm

      Mugs are forever the best things in the world! I tend to always lose bookmarks but I adore them all the same!

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