I'm Really Doing This…

Well hello!!!
So this is a thing….Well…it’s trying to be a thing. Like a lot of you, I love to read and I love to talk about the things I read/consume; and typically I talk about the things I love on youtube; which has become my little bubble of all things Sam.
Yeah. I hate the however too.
I haven’t been able to film and upload onto my youtube page for months now due to various personal issues. It sucks.
It sucks like the Percy Jackson book-to-film adaptations.
*cue moment of silence for what could have been*
Nonetheless, I believe I have found the solution to this detriment. You ready for it?
This blog.
I know, anticlimactic after that Taylor GIF, but I couldn’t resist. But in all seriousness, I’m hoping that this blog will allow me to still be able to discuss with you all what I love to talk about. Which if you don’t know me already–and if you don’t hello!– I absolutely love to talk about:

  • Books
  • Movies/TV shows
  • Theatre
  • Music

Basically if you can tell a story, I am in love with it. My passion is storytelling (and unicorns) and I strive to surround my life with stories, and I love talking to people about those stories. But I also want to be super transparent and candid with you all, so I also want to talk about my mental health and what it is like living with trichotillmania and depression. So, with that said, I’m hoping this blog will still allow me to discuss with people about the things I love.
So here to new beginnings, and hopefully new friends!!

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