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The Book Addiction Book Tag

Hello Storytellers! today is the last official day of January and a great day to see just how big of a book addict I am! I’ve had this tag for a hot, hot, hot minute stuck in the corner of my drafts which I have slowly been trying to clean out. Unfortunately, WordPress messed up and deleted my note with who tagged me so I don’t really remember, but thank you to whoever did! You are the real MVP!

The original creator of this tag I am unsure of (a trend is starting) but with some investigation I believe is was started with Always Trust In Books. Like I said, I’m not entirely sure–but I will link their post just in case!

So without further ado, let’s see how addicted I am! Continue reading “The Book Addiction Book Tag”

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The Television Tag || Shows I’m trash for

Finally it is Friday and I am slowly becoming a human/non-zombie again! Just like previously I had something planned for today’s TV Friday but because I was in and out of consciousness this entire week and weekend I didn’t get a chance to get the post in a position where I would be comfortable sharing it with all of you. So what are we gonna do? We are gonna do a tag.

God save the Queen and God save the tag.

I found this tag on Kayley Hyde’s Channel on YouTube and thought it could easily be adapted to the Blogging world and as I am a self-proclaimed TV junkie, I thought it would be super fun to do! Now,  if it turns out that this tag has already been adapted to Blogs and I am just super late to the party–which lets be honest, is most of the time– then we are going to go on with life as if nothing happened and I just joined the band wagon of fun. yeah? Yeah.  Continue reading “The Television Tag || Shows I’m trash for”

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img_0975Happy Christmas Eve Storytellers! I can’t believe that tomorrow will be Christmas and that today is my last day of hosting for Bookending Winter! These past three days have been a time and I’m so happy that so many of you got to participate and enjoyed the prompts so far!

If you don’t know what Bookending Winter is, there is still time to join in! You can check out my post (Bookending Winter Announcement) which has all the information about the event and all the hosts and their prompts!

Also! Before we get into today’s prompt, be sure to check out Amy over at The Little Booknerds In The Corner as she begins hosting tomorrow! Her prompts are literal fire and she is a cupcake shaped gem!



The Christmas Dinner Tag
It’s a Book Tag…yeah.
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BLOGOWEEN DAY 1: Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0

Halloween Tag 2.0.png

HAPPY OCTOBER 1ST MY BEAUTIFUL GREMLINS! I can’t believe October is finally here–I can’t believe BLOGOWEEN is finally here! I am legit so excited for the days to come and to see all of y’all’s spooktacular/autumn vibing posts! Clo and I have worked so hard to make this a reality and I am stupid excited to see it come alive!

If you don’t know what Blogoween is then you are in for a treat! It’s a month-long event co-organized by myself and Clo @ Book Dragons, as well as hosted by a slew of amazing book bloggers where we create posts centering around the thoeme of Halloween and/r Autumn! If interested you can click here for more info and to sign up! 

Our first prompt of the month comes from the amazing Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward, which if you haven’t followed him yet YOU TOTALLY SHOULD! To kick off Blogoween this year, he has reinvented his Halloween Creatures Book tag and has so nicely tagged me in it! Thank you Anthony!

So the rules for this are rather simple: Answer all the prompts and answer honestly, tag 1-13 people, Link back to the original post, don’t forget to credit the creator (Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward), and last but not least have fun! Continue reading “BLOGOWEEN DAY 1: Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0”