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BOOKENDING SPRING 2019: 30 Books I’d Keep If I Were Marie Kondo

bookending springBookending Spring is in full swing and is thriving! I am absolutely smitten reading everyone’s posts and our hosts prompts so far! If you follow us on Twitter (@bookend_events, which you totally should be to stay up-to date on what’s happening in the event) then you would know that I have taken over hosting for the next four days! Prompts will be the same don’t worry! You just get to see my glorious face instead in your comments/interacting with you!

If you are doing prompts from AJ please continue to credit her as the creator of this prompts, but go ahead and tag me as the host (so you will be linking two people instead of just one!)

Today’s prompt was created by the lovely AJ @ For The Love Of Diversity In Books! Make sure to head over to her blog to see her content as well as the original prompt!

Without further ado! Let’s waddle into today’s prompt!

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30 Books I’d Keep If I Were Marie Kondo
Hailey in Bookland did this in her channel and I think it’d be fun to do it as well, because we love de-cluttering books not worthy of space in our shelves. 😁 So list out thirty books that you would keep if you were Marie Kondo!

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Rec Me Sunday: Enemies To Lovers

Rec me Sunday is a new bi-weekly series on Fictionally Sam where I basically give you recommendation of books based on different topics/tropes that will wreck you in all the best ways possible! These books are books I have personally loved and would read over and over again.

Ah, I love the smell of a new series here on the blog! This one has been in the back of my head for quiet some time and it wasn’t until recently that I decided to really solidify the series and what I want from it as the title of it all took shape in my head (I cackled for thirty minutes straight at “Rec Me Sunday”…please tell me you get it…rec…wreck….no?).

I thought it would be fun to create a series where I could put in one place all of my favorite recommendations, and then categorize them based on genre, topic, and/or trope! So for the series debut, I thought it would be loads of fun to gush over one of my all time favorite tropes: Enemies-To-Lovers. Continue reading “Rec Me Sunday: Enemies To Lovers”


5 Books I Want To Read Before 2019

Hello Story-Tellers! Can you believe we only have a little over a month left until 2019 is fetch status but a real thing?

Image result for mind blown gif friendsYeah I know, I’m shocked too. But with this news in mind, I started thinking about the books I have read and haven’t read so far, and realized there are a few that have been on my TBR this entire year, that I promised myself I would read in 2018…and…haven’t yet. So in complete, Sam like fashion, I then said:

What books am I most ashamed I haven’t gotten to yet?

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Google Translates My Favorite Books

Hello and happy Thanksgiving-eve!!

So I have a tiny confession to make–I am obsessed with The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. There! I said it! Like it’s almost hilarious how much I have binged over the weekend.

Image result for jimmy fallon gif

But during my binge-athon I came across his segment where him and the interviewees sing popular songs that have gone through the infamous Google Translate. Now after my watching this fourth one, the idea struck me–what would come out of Google if I had it translate some of my favorite book’s synopsis‘? Thus this post was born. As an example of the hilarity of all of this, I thought I would start off with translating my Blog’s name:

My name, fictionally Sam, translated back to English from Khomer is: Sam Sam invented.

What a time to be alive.

I honestly don’t even know what to say after that, so grab some popcorn, get comfy, and lets see what happens! Continue reading “Google Translates My Favorite Books”