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Most Anticipated February Movie Releases

Happy Friday Storytellers! We are officially in the middle of January (how?!) and with that means this years movie season has begun! This month has given us some great (and terrible) movies both on-screen and streaming. However, next month is a promise of GOLDEN TIMES. I am so excited for the releases of next month that I decided to make a list of my most anticipated movie releases for the month of February. I know we are still in January–but I’m just THAT excited for these movies.

So sit back, relax, and bounce up and down with me as we countdown the days until release day! Continue reading “Most Anticipated February Movie Releases”

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222 Thoughts While Watching: Bird Box

Happy first Friday of 2019 Storytellers! Today is a super exciting day because not only is it Friday (hallelujah) but it also just so happens to be Fictionally Sam‘s 1 Year Blogoversary! I honestly am shocked that Its been an entire year since this whole oasis has begun. I have made so many amazing friends through this in the book community and have found so many equally amazing blogs along the way. This has become a second home to me and the people I have met along this journey have become like family–so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for the encouragement and the love and support! You guys are a 10/10 would recommend .

Now, with the mushy stuff aside let’s get down to today’s post! I went back and forth between what I wanted to post for my Blogoversary–do the typical thank you post, a tag, etc.– but then I thought “why don’t I bring back Movies and TV?” Continue reading “222 Thoughts While Watching: Bird Box”

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April Currents Check In


I feel like I blinked and suddenly I’m half way through April and that much closer to Leah On The Offbeat being released. If you can’t tell, my days have been a constant countdown to the release of this badass novel and I really haven’t been doing anything much but reading and rereading the synopsis and obsessively looking at my pre-order details.

I swear it isn’t as sad as it sounds.


But with that said I have been reading, albeit barely, and I have been watching a whole bunch of TV these past few weeks, so lets see what I’m currently indulged in! Continue reading “April Currents Check In”

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March Wrap Up


I literally didn’t realize that it was time to do a wrap up until I looked at my calendar. Like where in the world did March go? It feels like just yesterday that I started this blog which speaking of– HOLY COW ITS BEEN A MONTH SINCE THE BIRTH OF MY BLOG CHILD! My mind is blown. Ya’ll, I am so happy that I decided to take this journey and explore this new way of expressing my fangirl passion with storytelling with others who also love storytelling! You all have been so accepting and nice to me that honestly the book blogging community is the greatest.

But enough sappy moosh! Its time to get into what ya’ll came here to see–what I consumed this Month! Suffice to say, I didn’t read as much as I wanted to and I really didn’t make a dent in my overly ambitious TBR for the month (inevitable I know) but I am proud of all I got done this month!

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