Books That Have Changed Lives

As 2019 has been going and resolutions are being enacted and lives are changing in huge and subtle ways– I’ve realized that a lot of who I am is because of the books I read. This train of thought had me wondering what books could I pin point to say have changed me the most? Which lead me to wondering what books have changed the lives of others?

Enter in this post.

I want to highlight the books that have inspired those to lead a better life, whether that be inwardly or outwardly. I want to give those books a moment to change others lives and let them shine just as they have done with the people below. With this in mind, I took to Social Media and Discord asking book bloggers and book lovers from everywhere to share their books and their stories. With that said, thank you to everyone who wrote in and shared their stories with me! It meant so much to me to read all of your responses and see the different books that shaped you and your life! Continue reading “Books That Have Changed Lives”