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With that said, this month’s theme is all about the dreaded Reading Slump. But before we get into my hot take on reading slumps, lets take a look at the schedule for this months discussion chain!

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2nd – Sam @ Fictionally Sam
4th – Lauren @ Northern Plunder
6th – Ben @ Books With Ben
9th – Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward
11th – Sagey @ Sage Shelves
13th – Camillea @ Camillea Reads
16th – Kaleena @ Reader Voracious
18th – Rain @ BookDragonism
20th – Lara @ Naija Book Bae
24th – Isabelle @ Bookwyrm Bites
27th – Dany @ Ambivert Words
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Reading Slumps…

I think we can all agree that reading slumps are the absolute worst. Usually they come at the most inopportune times and last for what seems like forever. For those of you who don’t know what reading slumps are; it can simply be described as a time where one wants to read all the books but…can’t.

As someone who just kicked reading slumps butt, I can attest and say that reading slumps are the most annoying thing to ever exist for an avid reader–especially for an avid reader who reviews/blogs/booktubes. So what can we do if we should stumble into it clutches?

Here are four tips that I personally used to help get me out of my Spring reading blues that hopefully you can use for when the Reading Slump demon tries to have tea with you!

Re-reads are god sends

Rereading is my go-to form of defense against the slump monsters, that I have a collection on my kindle, of books that help push me back into the reading mood and makes me want to read all the things! An old favorite can have the power to put you back on your feet and reading again!

Some of my favorite books to reread are:

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata
Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer
A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
Addicted To You by Krista and Becca Ritchie

Short stories are the slumps krypton

Long books have a tendency to discourage you and can even push you farther into the book slump than you intended. Cue in short stories and graphic novels. Taking on a shorter length story can make you feel accomplished and gets your imagination flowing again for the world of storytelling! These bad boys can also help push you into trying to tackle those longer reads once you feel the slump moving away.

Switch it up! 

A change of pace and environment can cure almost anything! Sometimes reading in a different room, location, or genre can really pull you out of the slump zone and into the end zone! For me this definitely helped as I took to going outside and reading while soaking up the sun (before Texas became hell’s front porch). The change of scenery coupled with me trying out a new genre/author really added and sealed the big screw you to the reading slump.

Embrace it

This is a pearl of wisdom that I got from a fellow blogger when I was in the thick of my Slump this year. Honestly I think in that time frame, it was just what I needed. At the end of the day your body knows what it needs and what it doesn’t; so maybe this slump is your body saying “its not you, its me…we need to take a break”. Listen to yourself and if the above doesn’t work, don’t force the slump away but embrace it.

Maybe its the universe telling you that you are three seconds away from being Hamilton in the second act of the show if you don’t take a break (he should have said no); as the old saying goes “too much of a good thing is never good”. Take the time to explore the many other amazing mediums of story telling and fall in love with their stories there–I promise you will make your way back to reading soon.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you so much for tagging along in my portion of the discussion chain and helping me kick off this month’s topic! In a community full of reading, have you ever encountered the dreaded reading slump? If so, what did you do to cure it? Do you believe reading slumps actually exist? Let me know down in the comments!


39 thoughts on “BLOGGERS IN THE ATTIC: Reading Slumps

  1. I’m kinda in a reading slump now tbh. I’d just finished Again But Better by Christine Riccio last week and while it was a good decent read, a lot of the characters and writing gave me a headache. So now it’s like….now what? What do I read next that won’t give me a headache? Maybe reread TTS (twilight saga is my fave series too!) or a lighter romance read??
    Also can we make our own posts about these topics or do we have to be official hosts? This is my first time seeing this post and I love discussion posts.

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    1. oof to the slump! I hope you get out of it soon! Twilight is a fave of mine to get back into the mood of reading so maybe you can try that since you said it is also your fave!

      As for making your own post, go for it! Any one can write on the topic as its just a topic, but as for writing under the umbrella of Bloggers in the attic, I would definitely check out Camilla’s intro post (linked at the top) to find out how to get in on the blogger chain!


  2. Reading slumps are such a pain! If I’m in a reading slump I tend to just not force myself to read and watch TV instead. This means that I get out of it quicker because then I feel the need to read, which I actually do. I also sometimes reread books but if the slump is really bad, that won’t work anyway.

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  3. Reading slumps suck. I always get them right after I finish out the school year, hence I’m in one now – I’m trying to keep going and read some lighter books. I might try rereading some books as well, but I have so many new books to read.

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  4. Lately, I haven’t run across a reading slump. I used to more when I was younger and hated it. I mostly got out of it by just forcing myself to read or by doing something else that I liked in the meantime.

    Not sure why I haven’t had one lately. Must be because I get to read what I choose now and not a college textbook.

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    1. Being able to read freely is the best! Literally was estatic when I finished University and didn’t have to trudge through textbooks anymore!

      Congrats on no reading slumps! May the odds continue to be in your favor!


  5. Lately, I haven’t run across a reading slump. I used to more when I was younger and hated it. I mostly got out of it by just forcing myself to read or by doing something else that I liked in the meantime.

    Not sure why I haven’t had one lately. Must be because I get to read what I choose now and not a college textbook.


  6. I’m one of those unicorns that’s never had a reading slump.. not even a book hangover. It’s terrible, I know! But this also means I’m terrified of ever ending up in one.. I would have no clue how to get out of it. But your post helped me a bit.. I’m now less terrified :’) Thank you Sam!

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    1. You, my lovely friend, are a rare unicorn and thus must be bestowed the highest of honors! I envy the lack of experience with reading slumps! A time it would be truly lmao

      I honestly don’t mind book hangovers that much (I say this in my book sober state) because I feel like the hangover is a sign of just how much I loved that said book.

      Glad I could give you some tips for your arsenal! ❤ Now go forth and continue being great!


  7. I’m just trying to get out of a reading slump and am half-succeeding at it? I don’t know, honestly.
    Short books tend to help a lot of people but it is the total opposite with me! Long books always get me out of a slump since they kind of make me look forward to devouring it all and just staring at the big book motivates me and so, I’m about to start reading the Priory of the Orange Tree!
    Great post and I loved all your tips!


  8. I went on a like 8-month reading slump once, and you know what? I don’t really hate that it happened, I feel like it’s just your body/mind telling you to take a break, I did worry a little over the time but I also just focused on other things and turned out, I was okay and snapped out of it in the end! Glad you snapped out of yours!

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    1. EIGHT MONTHS?! Hot Canoli’s I don’t think I’ve ever been in one that was THAT long before! But I am glad you enjoyed the experience and I do agree, sometimes the slump monster is there to tell you that your body sent them and we need to calm down a few notches! Glad you got out of your slump as well!

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  9. reading slumps are indeed the worst! these are all definitely tips that can make a difference, and that I’ll keep in my back pocket for when the next one hits.

    looking back now I wonder whether some of the books I rated below 3 stars just had the bad luck to be picked up while I was in a semi-slump and I would’ve enjoyed them otherwise … I don’t have the time or energy to go back and reread them all obviously (and I know some of them were genuinely not my cup of tea at all) but it makes me feel a little guilty to think about 🤔

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    1. oof I sometimes wonder that as well, I know this year alone there were probably three or four that could have just had the pleasure of meeting me at the brink of the slumps.

      That would be a cool experiment to run though–to see if the books were truly ew or if it was just read at the wrong moment.

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      1. oooooh yes that would be fascinating! I don’t consider myself a mood reader, but there are definitely times when I’m feeling more into a certain genre and it doesn’t go very well if I try to force myself to read another 🤔


  10. I feel that this is a particularly pertinent post for me at the moment as I have hit the slump and hit it hard. It happens to us all and yes, I think it’s because my work has been so hectic it’s used up all of my brain battery so that reading is something I can’t quite bring myself to do.

    I also seem to not be liking anything I’m reading but the million dollar question is – am I slumping because I’m not liking the books I’m trying to read or am I not liking the books because I’m slumping?!

    I’m reading a short story anthology at the moment in the vein of trying to break up my reading into easily digestible and manageable chunks and that does seem to be a less overwhelming way to tackle it. I’m also trying to just embrace it. Clearly my brain needs R&R from reading and that’s just what I’ll have to do! It’ll hopefully switch itself back on when it’s ready!

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    1. “am I slumping because I’m not liking the books I’m trying to read or am I not liking the books because I’m slumping?!”

      ^^the most hamlet question of the bookish world. I felt this to my very core.

      I hope you get out of your reading slump quickly! And may the R&R gods be ever in your favor!

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  11. Reading slumps are the absolute worst! I’ve been reading lots of graphic novels this year so that I always have a book on hand, making me less likely to slump.

    I was in a slump for practically all of 2018, and I found that the best way for me to read was either through rereads or by reading what I like to call mindless fluff. These were mainly cute romances that didn’t require much thought, but that I was still able to thoroughly enjoy! But of course, there were some times that reading was just not gonna happen, and so I came to just accept that!


  12. I don’t think I’ve ever tried fixing a slump with a reread 😀 it just never occured to me. Since I’m someone who can read like 18 books at once, I normally just fix it by reading something new again xD although it gets to be messy… 18 is kind of a lot. So I’m trying to make it a smaller number now xD


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