Anti-Valentine’s Day Tag

It’s no longer Valentines day (or what I affectionately call ‘Single Awareness Day’) but it is V-day Candy Discounted Day! So this tag is still relevant! Thank you to Soph for tagging me in this! If you guys haven’t waddled to her site, Bookwyrming Thoughts, I HIGHLY suggest it! Soph and her co-blogger/conspirator, Lupe, are gems and they make amazing content!

Now grab the candy I know you bought in bulk at midnight and let’s answer some questions!

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  • Link back to the blog that tagged you!
  • Answer the 10 anti-Valentine’s Day questions provided.
  • Come up with your own 10 anti-Valentine’s questions for blogs you tag.
  • Tag ten other bloggers to do the tag!

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Name a cute romance in which you will go down with the ship.

Feyre and Rhysand. Their love burns brighter than the love I have for Twilight. I know…I’m shocked too.

What’s one under-hyped romance you want everyone to read?

A lot of the romances I read are super under-hyped because most of them are from indie authors and because I can’t function and follow rules properly–here is a list of some that I need you to get NOW:

  • Let’s Get Textual by Teagan Hunter
  • Arouse by Nina Lane
  • Mr. President by Katy Evans
  • Flirting With Fire by Piper Rayne
  • Four Day Fling by Emma Hart

Name a relationship in which you’d rather toss into the fuck it bucket than go down with it.

The relationship of Blaire and Rush from the Too Far series by Abbi Glines. Rush was hella problematic and always made excuses for his shitty actions and behavior towards Blaire. I read all three books in the series, I craved with such power for Blaire to grow a back bone and dump Rush, if not leave him then chew him out royally.

Name a book in which the romance overpowered the plot but you actually enjoyed.

Lol, this is like every romance book I have ever read. But if we are choosing just one, I guess we can slide Closer by Alexa Riley in here. The Plot was supposed to be a fake date for a charity gala, but that all went out the window when our MC’s started to engage and play in the horizontal mambo with a side of Twister. I was laughing and fanning myself the entire 83 pages.

What book features an ideal date you would like to go on with your partner/potential partner one day?

Oh! Text Me Baby One More Time by Teagan Hunter has a date where they sit in the back of his pick up truck eating junk food in the middle of the night and they just sit and talk. Totally zen and chill. That would be an ideal date for me, but if a person wants to take me to a bookstore instead…I’m forever game.

A book that had no romance but you wanted to have romance?

I can’t really answer this one because all the books I read have some form of romance interwoven in them. What can I say? I’m a slut for the heart.

Who’s your favorite stabbing character, one who would wield a weapon in a heartbeat?

Our very own High Lady of the Night Court–Feyre

A ship that never happened but you want to squish those characters together and WANT to happen.

Harry and Hermione. I will not discuss this further.

A love interest you hated so much you would rather by squished by your TBR than fall in love with them.

Let’s take a gander into my 1 star reviews shall we?

Andrew Ducking Hamilton from Reasonable Doubt Vol. 1 by Whitney G.. Yeah, this guy can choke. This guy is so bad that I have blocked him out of my memory completely, and had to go read my review of the story on Goodreads to find out why I hated him so much… this is my the response Past Sam gave me:

The main hero of the story rubbed me the wrong way in every aspect of the character and it got to the point where I felt uncomfortable reading his POV at times. He was super hypocritical throughout towards the heroine and by the end I really wanted her to slap him with a sexual harassment charge and be done with it.

Yeah, bring on the TBR pile, let’s get squished!

A fictional crush you would murder to get out of a sticky situation.

I’d pretty much commit murder for the following:

  • Feyre (ACOTAR)
  • Rhysand (ACOTAR)
  • The entire Cullen coven (Twilight Saga)
  • Catarina Agatta


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Tanvi | Stephanie | DB | Jayati | Destiny | Ruby | Juliet | Lena | Cat | Amara


  1. A romance you thought you’d hate, but turned out to love
  2. A Heroine you wish which catch on fire and jump off the face of the earth
  3. Name a world that you wouldn’t mind settling down in
  4. What Trope do you think is entirely overdone?
  5. A ship you always wanted to join but haven’t for fear of heart-break
  6. Name A character that stays getting between your ship, but you Stan their existence
  7. A Romance you want to shout from the rooftops and have everyone read (including Grandma Ethel)
  8. What is a character trait you love in your stories
  9. Name a type of resolution you are tired of seeing? (i.e, Hero apologizing for his shitty move and Heroine instantly taking him back without a second thought)
  10. Your ultimate ship that you would tell the gods about

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So tell me…what did you do for Valentines?


17 thoughts on “Anti-Valentine’s Day Tag

  1. yes to discounted v-day candy!! my friends and I were actually just discussing this the other day (as well as buying next year’s Christmas presents the week after Christmas) and one apparently had never thought of doing this – his reaction was priceless 😂

    FeyRhys is beautiful; I love their love. and I totally relate to not being able to pick *just one* answer – I either have a million or none come to mind 😅 and omg, picnic and conversation in the back of a pickup is one of my favorite fanfic tropes (?), so I definitely have to read Text Me Baby now. sounds like a time.

    thanks for all the romance recs!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, Feysand!!!! 😍😍😍 And I still have to read This Cruel Design – it’s been months since I read This Mortal Coil and I need to reread it. 🙈 I loved it so much and read it very quickly then but now I need a refresher. 🤷

    I haven’t heard of any of the other books but I’ll heck them out! 🙂 And thanks for tagging me! Will get to it soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhh, this is SUCH a fun tag! Thank you so much for tagging me 😍 I love the questions and your answers and just, the whole thing. I’m going to have to check out your recs, and YES to Feysand forever and ever amen. ♥♥ Also, I died at “I’m a slut for the heart”, and ALSO, freaking YES FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE to Harry/Hermione. 😭💕💕💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

  4. discounted candy is honestly the only reason that I like Valentine’s Day. Mmm… chocolate. Also flo visited right after this year so it was perfect timing. TMI? Oh well.

    I AGREE I would sell my soul to protect Catarina Agatta!

    This was such a fun post and I really enjoyed reading your answers even though I haven’t read a lot of these.


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