What Makes Girls Sick And Tired by Lucile De Peslouan & Genevieve Darling [ARC REVIEW]

What Makes Girls Sick and TiredWhat Makes Girls Sick And Tired by Lucile De Peslouan & Genevieve Darling

Genres: Nonfiction, Graphic Novel
Publisher: Second Story Press
Publication Date: March 18th 2019
Source: NetGalley
Format: eARC
Rating: fangirlstarsfangirlstarsfangirlstars
What Makes Girls Sick and Tired is a feminist manifesto that denounces the discrimination against and unfairness felt by women from childhood to adulthood. The graphic novel, illustrated in a strikingly minimalist style with images of girls with varied body types and personalities, invites teenagers to question the sexism that surrounds us, in ways that are obvious and hidden, simple and complex.
The book’s beginnings as a fanzine shine through in its honesty and directness, confronting the inequalities faced by young women, everyday. And it ends with a line of hope, that with solidarity, girls will hurt less, as they hold each other up with support and encouragement.
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What Makes Girls Sick and Tired is a short collection of illustrated reasons that feminism and awareness is so important for all the sexes. Poignant and diverse this collection makes it known what is wrong with society and the world today.
I loved how inter-sectional this collection is and how the illustrations bring a layer of life to the words–it felt like not only was I reading the injustice that we women face in today’s society but also seeing it illustrated next to the words made it feel that much more serious and real.

“Girls are sick and tired because women’s bodies are always an issue, whether they are covered by yards of fabric or completely revealed… Girls are sick and tired of feeling like they have to wear a push-up bra to be sexy, while they have to hide their breasts when nursing a child.”

I believe that this collection is a strong gateway and an excellent opener to heavy topics and discussions that we as people need to have.
With that said, I do believe that this collection could be taken so much further both creatively and artistically. I think more reasons could be given so that the inclusiveness that the authors are striving to bring to the table would become more full circle than it currently is. It was easy to see which issues/topics the authors were more passionate and knowledgeable of as there were more panels within the collection regarding those and very few on other topics.
Overall, I do believe this was a good start and I’m so grateful for the conversations that it will potentially (if not already) begin to open up about feminism and women rights; however, I do think that it never quite made its way to being all that it could be.

ARC provided by NetGalley and Second Story Press in exchange for my honest review. Quotations taken from an uncorrected proof and may change upon final publication.



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    January 22, 2019 at 8:41 pm

    Great review and this definitely sounds like a good start to changing the discussion.

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